Saturday, November 12, 2005

UWA Extension Studies

Some courses available at the University of Western Australia (the state's most prestigious university) Summer extension school:

The Wisdom of Women's Bodies
Maryanne Sea, The Bright Centre
Drawing on the work of Christiane Northrup, MD, this course empowers women of all ages to take charge of their health and healing. Learn how to scan your body and its energy centres and to locate and feel contraction and flow in the major organs of your body.

Reality, Consciousness and Divination
Dr Robert Docters van Leeuwen
The movie What the Bleep Do We Know? raises questions about the nature of reality. This lecture explains how the mind moves between different levels of existence, how divination helps to acquire insights, and how mind reading, prediction, and other psychic phenomena work.

Mind reading, prediction, and psychic phenomena work? Why isn't he claiming James Randi's $1,000,000?

The Gong of Peace and Sandalwood Healing
Shobha Day, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Shobha will craft the fragrance of sandalwood and the peace gong with guided relaxation, breathing and meditation.

The Camino Walk: A Metaphor for Leadership
Patricia Klinck, Keylinks International Consulting
For centuries, the Camino de Santiago has been associated with vision, quest and challenges. Few have embarked on it without being transformed. What are its lessons, its metaphors and its messages for the modern day pilgrim seeking to understand leadership?

Its message probably has something to do with making you feel inadequate, in need of constant self-help therapy, and grateful to throw your money at gurus.

After all that, EoR was relieved to discover that the Festival of Light was actually a photography expo.

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