Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Naturopath Knows All

Tuesdays is woo day on the ABC. On local radio Michael Treloar, naturopath and dispenser of wisdom, made his regular appearance. When a caller asked what she could do about the high tension power lines outside her house he commented that the effect of these was "pretty well substantiated as unhealthy." The worried woman stated that the previous owner of the house had died of cancer at 57. Join the dots. Obviously something as unlikely as dying of (unspecified) cancer at 57 must be the fault of the power company.

Mr Treloar advised her to worry about things she could change, and not to worry about things she couldn't (like the location of power poles). Mr Treloar regularly advises people to eat 'sensibly' and to exercise. Profound advice.

He did also tell the caller about the powers of magnetic therapy. Previously this affect was only anecdotal, but now there are clinical trials to prove it, he assured us.

One wonders if he can see the connection between the forces in a magnet, and the electromagnetic forces in a power line? Presumably not. EoR wonders why believers in magic magnets aren't all building their houses under high tension power lines. Free powerful therapeutic lifelong maintenance!

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