Monday, November 07, 2005

ABC Censorship?

Paul Monk, posting on the Second Opinion guestbook, bemoans "ABC censorship?":

"I have attempted to leave critical comments concerning Second Opinion. These comments have never appeared. A question emailed to the producers of the show has never been replied to. These comments and the question were in regard to how the concept for Second Opinion came into being and the role of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd. Is there any hope that this comment will be posted?"

EoR has encountered the same problem but, being of a gloomy outlook, has tended to favour the Lazy Guestbook Moderator Theory. Postings made late in the day, and particularly on Friday afternoons, tend to disappear, presumably because the moderator deletes them to lighten the workload before departing early. Now I wonder whether only comments pointing out the inconsistencies and logical fallacies of SCAMs are ignored, or is the culling applied equally across all messages?

Certainly, a number of recent posts which seem to emanate from the Tony Kew fan club (a manipulative therapist featured on a previous program who, to EoR's mind, has no distinguishing features from all the other manipulative therapists featured on previous programs) and which add nothing to the discussion have all been posted in their mind-numbing emptiness. EoR is almost inclined to believe, in his more paranoid moments, that there is some more sinister force behind these particular postings. But then he notices a particularly tasty looking gorse bush.

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