Saturday, November 19, 2005

Learning to Listen

Helen O'Shea, a teacher of the Deaf for 19 years, has some interesting comments on Tomatis "Listening Therapy" on the Second Opinion guestbook:

I have worked with families who have been told by Tomatis therapists that their children do not have hearing loss, rather they need to be "taught to listen". The families paid large amounts of money and the therapist that they saw (not the therapist on this program) told the children that they no longer needed to wear hearing aids because they had been cured by the Tomatis program.

Of course, it all ended in tears (except for the therapist's bank balance). If you can't find a disease niche, create one. Then you can be assured (being the only expert in that area) of creating a cure as well. EoR wonders whether dead people are really faking it, and just need to be "taught to breathe"? Slackers.

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