Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Truth Behind Alternative Therapies

Sometime ago EoR had the inspiration to create his own alternative therapy. Taking the piss wasn't an option (it's already been done viz. Urine Therapy) so the next best thing was making an arse of True Believers.

Hence he invented Buttockology, the science (there are numerous personal anecdotes available, and countless unspecified studies have confirmed it scientifically) of healing through the buttocks. After all, if reflexology works, and iridology, why shouldn't the buttocks reflect all the body parts as well?

EoR soon realised that this was only the start, and transformed Buttockology into the more medical sounding Gloutology (as in gloutous, Greek for buttocks). It still promoted the same wacky pointless healing system for dealing with evil toxins.

Unfortunately, EoR didn't follow this through. If he had, he might today be rich: Rumpology.

EoR still thinks Gloutology is the better name but, having looked at the 'examples' Jacqueline provides, is glad he gave the idea up as a bad joke.

In passing, EoR wonders if there isn't any sarcastic lunatic idea the True Believers won't fall for and pay money for?


  1. Remember Monty Python's "I got three cheeks" Mr Frampton? Actually met a man with no buttocks once. Not good. What would Ms Stallone do?

  2. This page looks like another attempt at the pharma industry to debunk alternatives though sarcastic mockery. When will they ever learn their lesson.

  3. Damn! A troll making a fatuous comment on a really old post (even more fatuous than photocopying your bum and sending it to Ms Stallone). Now there goes all that lovely lucre Big Pharma have been transferring to my Swiss bank account...

  4. Hi I am 'goldenlight'
    Yes I remember!
    who i really am
    I really appreciate the candour with which you speak..
    i 2 am a true beliver in your form of therapy!
    Bring on the BUTTOCKS :)

  5. iamtheeggman

  6. ?
    Dearest Wordsworth,
    Please would you mind ever so much returning my favourite SNAKE?
    He really has become very precious to me,
    you see...
    And I would miss him ever so much.
    As for MR STALLONE...

  7. P.S.
    As 4
    what wld b FASter?
    using the NET??
    or simplementaltelepathy?

  8. p.p.s.

    please ask JAQUi
    if me 'n Grae
    can come bk to edenlight
    weneed a holiday!
    NOW wehave the little'un



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