Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nurse! Prepare for an Urgent Auraectomy!

EoR has been browsing the latest issue of Nova ("Keeping body and soul together").

The disclaimer is interesting:

NOVA does not promote the doctrines or philosophies of any organisation, religion or belief system. [...] We endeavour to maintain a high standard of credibility in the quality of articles published.

Funny, EoR rather gained the impression Nova promoted a plethora of philosophies, and maintained an amazingly high level of credulity. Thought Field Therapy, Kinesiology, Natural Medicine, Yoga, Goddess Blessing, Chi Machines, Feng Shui, Meditation... Et cetera. Et cetera. And that's just up to page 7.

While there's such a wealth of woo to wonder at, EoR's attention was caught by "Verna Yater - Acclaimed medium returns":

The acclaimed American medium and healer is perhaps best known for her work with a team of spirit doctors who, says Verna, want to use their medical knowledge which "has increased since being on the Spirit Side" to help humanity. The original team of seven has grown over the past 25 years to a fraternity [EoR wonders why no female doctors?] of 27 with the recent addition of a dentist.

Verna has often spoken of her joy at being "the conduit through which these highly evolved, loving and joyous beings bring remarkable healings to all who need them. Perhaps the most important work they do is to work on the finer vibrations of each person's body, doing exactly what is needed for that individual."

In more recent years, Verna reports she is able to transmit heavenly sounds from the highest angelic healing level, that of the Seraphim and the Elohim.

Her voice resonates at frequencies and overtones up to 250,000 cycles per second and although the sounds are entirely vocal, many hear musical instruments accompanying them.

EoR is impressed (yet again). A spiritual ER team! Dentistry by spectral means! EoR just hopes she hasn't recruited Harold Shipman by mistake since his passing over to the 'Spirit Side'.

Since 250,000 Hz is somewhere on the AM frequency band, EoR is really impressed that Verna can produce radio waves by singing. And that people hear 'musical instruments' when the human ear can only hear up to around 20,000Hz. EoR would almost suspect a con if he wasn't a True Believer.

Unfortunately, no details of her appearances in Australia are given (though some dates are here). Maybe they're hidden elsewhere in this issue. Maybe they're only available on the etheric plane. Sigh.

But at least you don't need to be ill to benefit (that's 'benefit' as in 'your money benefits Ms Yater'):

You don’t have to be ‘sick’ or have symptoms of illness to benefit from this healing

So, not only can Ms Yater heal the sick, she can heal the healthy as well! How many conventional doctors can make that claim?

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