Tuesday, November 15, 2005


From personal experience, I have developed a powerful alternative modality that is 100% effective (far higher than 'western medicine' can claim) and is low cost, drug-free and non-invasive.

Unlike the 'value for money' healers, I am prepared to offer this therapy absolutely free of charge! Out of the goodness of my heart I am giving this therapy to the world so that one more alternative cure can be added to the armoury of those who understand the medical-industrial complex's constant conspiracies to crush the creative thinkers.

Everytime I have a cold, I put on my red shirt. The vibrational energies of the shirt (particularly the higher quantum phased red end of the spectrum) excite the healing channels of the body, improving the flow of qi, and drawing the toxins out of the body.

Continue wearing the shirt for a few days AND THE COLD WILL BE CURED! I have conducted many studies of this amazing effect and I have shown that where a cold may take a week to be cured by itself my method can resolve the symptoms within seven days!

This is incontrovertible proof of the miraculous healing power of redshirtology!

If you don't have a red shirt, other colours will suffice in an emergency.

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