Friday, November 04, 2005

Loose Erections and Ballooning Problems

A poster to complained about for apparently giving alternative practitioners a bad name ("Over-priced and cheaply manufactured herbal products, and this is coming from a trained Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. These kind of people give Oriental Medicine such a bad reputation"). It's good to see the alternatistas turning on each other.

I enjoyed the articles, eg Sometimes Being Too Big Can Be A Real Pain ("I have been practicing your very effective ballooning method and Power P along with some extra jelqing (pulling). My penis, which was rather big, has become really huge. I was very satisfied and proud of it until my girlfriend started to complain about its new size" - the solution is to buy more herbal supplements to make the female more 'relaxed', and the special 'Finger Plier Technique' is also highly recommended), and Insecurity Plus A Weak Liver Equals Erectile Dysfunction ("When I am laying on my back and my girl gets on top, I tend to loose my erection. I used to be fine. I also way to say that I am very intimidated by my girlfriend cause she has been with a few other guys and I always wonder if I suck" - the solution is to buy more herbal supplements "to clean the liver up and activate the cGMP production" and "When you have sex with her, imagine that you are making love with the most beautiful woman in the world with a pair of beautiful big boobs and a swollen clitoris"). A loose erection is always a concern...

Interesting biology comment from Dr N K Lin (self-styled 'expert'): "I think that the word enlargement can often mislead people and I prefer the word balloon as the penis can be blown up like a balloon...".

I was also disappointed that the drop down search box for "Penis Fracture" produced a "No results were found" page. How telling.

I don't see what all the fuss is about. It seems the usual "Imaginary cures for imaginary ailments" SCAM.

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