Saturday, November 05, 2005

More Chickens people who espouse loony belief systems about magical powers and mystical happenings are doomed. Oh, sorry. Everyone except the christians (does not include roman catholics and other wacky cults that we disagree with).

If you find this sort of thing inspiring, there's lots of tips of how to promote the site's singleminded message: Unfortunately, this was the page that lost me. I'm concerned about
the woman in the photo. For a site that relentlessly pushes the fundamentalist christian agenda, I couldn't believe they'd put something so evil on their site. Obviously, this site is really the work of Satan and to be avoided at all costs. That short skirt the woman is wearing is just inciting licentious and lustful behaviour. No true christian would be associated with such a harlot. Better stone her until she repents.

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