Friday, November 18, 2005

If You Can't Beat Them...

DoctorGeorge ("Your Family Doctor on the Web") provides well researched and proven advice for the ill and curious:

Crystal therapy physicians believe that the body has 7 of these [chakra] points, each located at vital areas in the body.

As opposed to acupuncturists who believe in thousands of these little energy centres, but never mind the contradiction, there's more:

Resonance is the secondary effect of vibration where the energy waves produced are released by the stone to the body, and back again. When a "defective" chakra has been detected, the stone produces a different level of energy to fix the problem. [...] The chakras, being the window to the energy within of the body, must be re-energized by providing it with proper outlets. [...] This makes it easier for them to open their chakras and release all the negative energy residing in their body.

Notice how the "believe" earlier in the article rapidly devolves to "is" later on. EoR isn't entirely certain about this advice (he suspects there may be just a hint of medico-scientifico-mumbojumbo), but is convinced that Dr George is a fully-qualified top-of-the-line quack.

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