Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ramtha's Create Your Wealth

EoR has been watching the "Ramtha's School of Enlightenment" DVD presentation.

Ramtha, for the two of you who haven't been in touch with his magnificence, is the ancient (he lived 35,000 years ago) warrior conquerer from Lemuria who, though immortal, "ascended" and now channels his witticisms via the personage of J Z Knight.

The DVD consists of three sections. The first, and longest, is "Ramtha's School: A Look Within". In it, J Z Knight describes how, on the 7th of February, 1977, Ramtha appeared as "The Enlightened One" and informed her "I have come to help you over the ditch". This immediately brought to EoR's mind composer Simon Jeffes' explanation of how he came to form the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (a far more worthy institution, in EoR's opinion, than Ramtha's money spinning exercises):
In 1972 [...] I went to the beach. As I sat there a poem came to me. It began 'I am the proprietor of the Penguin Cafe. I will tell you things at random'. [...] The proprietor went on to explain his cafe. He said that the random, chance element in life is absolutely vital.

Perhaps Ramtha was having a cappucino at the cafe, and felt the urge to chat to someone, though EoR wonders if Simon Jeffes' visions were related to the brain tumour that ended his life.

Chanelling through J Z Knight (in a pseudo-Teutonic accent) Ramtha says:
I must plant in your mind outrageous concepts.

According to Ramtha, there are four principles to learn:

  • God lives within each of us

  • Consciousness and energy create our reality (so if someone is not conscious that a truck is bearing down on them, it will do them no harm?)

  • We are here to make known the unknown (how Rumsfeldian)

  • We are here to be god in human form (doesn't principle one mean we already are?)

Most of the exercises at this school seem to involve being blindfolded (how allegorical). For example, crowds of people wander around blindfolded in a paddock to locate various cards pinned to the fence. One such card reads "I relinquish the emotional body".

Then there's blindfolded archery. "Sometimes they hit the target. Sometimes they don't." EoR bets the insurance premiums are high for that one. Those of you who have read Eugen Herrigel's "Zen in the Art of Archery" will of course be familiar with the section where Herr Herrigel argues that his master should be able to hit the target blindfolded, and his master proceeds to shoot arrows into each other unerringly in the darkness. EoR suggests you would get more spiritual enlightenment (and far more cheaply) from this book than from attending Ramtha's School of Wandering Around in Paddocks.

Also shown is the labyrinth in which the crowd must locate the centre ("the innermost divine self") blindfolded and without touching the walls, using only their mind. This may well be an effective metaphor for life (though in real life, you're allowed to touch the walls - ie reality - to locate yourself) but it's hardly godsent enlightenment).

EoR enjoyed the nice paddocks. They could have been put to good use as a horse stud. Though there's probably less money in the horse business.

Also shown is Stanley Krippner, PhD, Psychological Researcher, who states
I do not believe this is deliberate role playing or fraud.

So, is it then real, or is J Z Knight schizophrenic, or is Dr Krippner wrong? So many possibilities, but not all of them equally likely.

The second section, "Cracking the Code to the Extraordinary" is a short (two and a half minute) video of J Z Knight presumably channelling Ramtha on stage. EoR says "presumably" since he doesn't have an accent this time. This is simply a revivalist style meeting.
You're the observer collapsing energy into forms, so that reality is held together by the realism in your brain.

EoR isn't really sure what that actually means (though he's sure Deepak Chopra could try to explain it to him), but who's observing your brain? If no one is, doesn't that mean it doesn't exist?
Even Christ said that the kingdom of heaven is within you, and the things that I do, you can do greater! Have you ever thought about that statement? That means you can OUTDO CHRIST!! HELLO!!!

This segment ends with J Z Knight/Ramtha leading the congregation in a prayer and response, accompanied by images of Ramtha/J Z Knight moonwalking (or is it an ancient Lemurian folk dance?).

The final segment, "Ramtha's Create Your Day" is a one and a half minute straight to camera session. With the accent here swapping between American, British and Teutonic.
Waking up every single morning is a gift, don't you know? Life is a gift.

EoR feels sure he read that on a desk calendar once.

So, ultimately, all Ramtha can say are fairly lame platitudes, and probably exactly what the audience wants and expects (but that's what successful marketing is always about) rather than uncomfortable statements about the universe, or newly rediscovered secrets of the Lemurian Way of Life.

Also, for an ascended divine entity whose sole purpose is to spread his message and raise the consciousness of humanity, why is everything copyrighted, incorporated and trade marked, and why does it all cost money? Wouldn't it be more sensible to make it freely available to propagate it more widely? If Ramtha were real, of course.


  1. If it doesn't cost anything, most will not value the gift. (Pretend I said that as a 35000 year old immortal Lemur(ian) cross dressing poorly accented divorcee and it will make more sense.)

  2. I have seen the DVD. JZ Knight runs his/her show like a Nazi bootcamp. Why do they remove the blindfolds to read the cards? Can't they See? He/She probably cottoned on to this as later, in the maze, the blindfolds are worryingly duct-taped on. This activity, with people shuffling along in darkness towards some end, has a disturbingly Auschwitz tone.

    JZK gets fatter and more butch as the DVD progresses. On stage it's like a channelling of Elvis.

    What's wrong with these people? Is life too easy? Why don't they just poke their eyes out and stay home?

  3. You may have already covered it, but the movie "What the Fuck Do We Know?" is funded by these guys. And it has a bloody sequel.

    To quote President George: "Fool me once, shame on you. But fool me... fool me... twice... Uh..."

  4. EoR hasn't covered the film (because it's got more than enough mentions already), but he knows people who think it's the most beautiful documentary they've ever seen. Sigh.

  5. i allowed myself to go on one of the retreats.... what a lot of B.S !! at some point jz was talking about insurance,saying how ridiculos it was, as it was a way of actualy bringing the undesired accident into being. she was later menancingly staring into the crowd "to remember all the faces" she did this for a loooonnnng time making manly poses and staring directly into peoples eyes to the extent that some actualy cried.... as she moved among us one of her "masters" followed her around like an alsatian dog ready to repel any possible attack.... insurance?? as for "ramtha" i saw not the faintest evidence, she could not keep up the accent for very long.

  6. Someone asked "who observes the brain?"
    I answer you: Consciousness does.

    Learn modern physics before talking.

    May be you´re all too distracted making war in the Middle East to think in philosophical terms or to respect people who are engaged in making a better world.

    Meditate about that.
    Rodolfo, de Argentina

  7. Maybe EoR's consciousness created your comment Rodolfo? Modern physics contains nothing (repeat: nothing) that supports a poorly performed act like J Z Knight's stageshow.

    PS: Contrary to whatever your consciousness is telling you, EoR is not making war in Iraq. Strange suggestion, that.

  8. My 40+ year old brother is coinvinced so badly that this crap is truth, he is asking his wife of 20+ years to sell their home, buy a bunker in the country side and prepare for the end of days in 2012... not funny... he is comitted to saving himself from the end, planning to stay in the bunker for 2 years (land purchased oddly enough around other student blocks, in the middle of the country)... this "programming" is destroying a family of 4 people, with two young ones of 16 and 14... he is prepared to split the family to go spend his time in the bunker and wait for the end...

  9. Re: "he is prepared to split the family to go spend his time in the bunker and wait for the end... "

    You probably won't be able to talk him out of it.
    Tell him to keep a diary out there.
    He can track his adventure and his disillusionment.
    Come 2013 he will be a changed man with material to kick-start a new career.

  10. Does Ramtha say the world will end in 2012?

  11. You yet dont have that understanding.. That is why you see it with a very limited mind. In life you can do whatever you choose to do and God will not be there to either congratulate you or punish you. The sun will come up no matter what happens here, and it will go down. This is a place governed by emotions, and we choose the emotions we desire to feel or experience.. We choose, if that guy wants to go in a bunker, its his choice. Not someone elses. And he will experience the emotion he accepts as a truth or reality.. If you accept joy and love as your reality or truth thats all you will ever see.

  12. "The sun will come up no matter what happens here, and it will go down."

    I was under the impression that the illusion of the sun rising and falling in the sky was created by the earth spinning on its axis, but never mind.

    "If you accept joy and love as your reality or truth thats all you will ever see."

    Not if I pull out your fingernails one by one, you won't.


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