Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jackboots Return

Back at the beginning of March, EoR applied his psychic powers to the disappearance of white supremacist Jack van Tongeren who had failed to appear at a court appearance.

Well, Herr van Tongeren has finally been located. EoR made four predictions:

  • Herr van Tongeren is alive (a hit: he was found alive)

  • He is near water (a hit: he was found in Boddington, which is located on the Hotham River)

  • Something about trees (a hit: he was found in bushland)

  • Possibly someone named Arnold, or Andrew, or Adolf, or... (a probable hit: there wasn't enough information in the news report, but EoR is certain there's someone in the police group with that name, or on Herr van Tongeren's father's side with that name, or a name like that, or someone he knew with a slightly similar name, or someone he passed in the street once, or... Might as well just call it a hit as well.)

So, EoR's psychic prediction rate is 100% (without even asking questions and parrotting them back) and is much higher than Mr Grzelka's claimed 60% or so. Yah boo sux.


  1. Congratulations EoR. This is talent too good to waste. How about a double act with Mr Grzelka for 160% accuracy?

  2. I knew you were going to say that.


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