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Alein Implants

EoR has been watching a DVD of a 90 minute interview with Dr Roger Leir ("MD, Podiatrist, Author and UFO Researcher") conducted by William J Birnes ("Author, Publisher and UFO Researcher") entitled "Alien Implants" (or "Alein Implants" as the opening titles claim), in which Dr Leir's "fantastic experiments" are described.

The interview opens with Dr Leir relating a memory from his childhood the day Something Landed at Roswell (when Dr Leir was "12 or so"). His father bought the newspaper home with the amazing headlines about the capture of a Flying Saucer. A few days later his father brought home the paper with the headlines now saying "It's A Weather Balloon". Apparently this set his father off on a tirade about how stupid did the government really think the people were etc etc which had a profound effect on the young ufologist.

EoR applauds Dr Leir's efforts to always independently verify his fantastic claims. For example, for X Rays which he cannot handle (apparently anything other than hands or feet) he will refer to a specialist - in this case a chiropracter.

There is some discussion of "implants" which is fairly standard until the interviewer (who is much more rabid and nonsensical than Dr Leir - EoR felt the roles should have been reversed) suddenly asks about
a whole package of electonics in the human cells [...] cellular alignment going on on the basis of some magnetic package [...] to protect the implant [...] like a magnetic coccoon.

Dr Leir doesn't bat an eyelid, and replies
These are all within the realm of feasible scientific possibilities.

He also states how these devices don't operate in the electromagnetic spectrum, but rather in the "neutrino spectrum", which seems to confuse two different uses of the word "spectrum". No evidence or explanation is offered, and this contradicts later discussion and "video evidence" showing that the implants have a magnetic field (completely unremarkable considering they seem to be made of iron).

Dr Leir was very unclear throughout the discussion, but it appears he has only removed four implants surgically (he certainly said this, but the number of tales of implantees approaching him and devices removed would seem to require a plethora (at least) of such cases).

These implants are apparently alive in some way, since they form a "symbiosis" with the human. Amazingly, if the removed implant with its adhering tissue membrane is left under studio lights it will shrink while, if rehydrated, it gets larger. That's an incredible finding. EoR really can't think of any other explanation for that happening, such as the normal properties of heat and rehydration, other than that the object must be a strange alien implant with amazing sci fi properties.

The interviewer continues with his off the wall and unsupported assertions:
this is a passive signalling device. Assume for a moment they're alien. Are they radio tagging, specimen tagging or surveillance mechanisms?

Hang on, let's sort out the "signalling" claim first. What sort of signals? How has this been proven? By whom? How was it determined it was a "signal"? But our interviewer is in full flight:
They give out symbiotic magnetic signatures coded to the individual.

Again, Dr Leir is the picture of restraint in the face of this bad 50's science fiction:
That's a possibility.

These implants have other amazing properties: all but one fluoresce under UV light. So that's three that fluoresced then? Meaning what exactly?

Dr Leir repeatedly points out how he was a skeptic for a long time, until the evidence became overwhelming. Apparently that's why he attended MUFON conferences on a regular basis, and also wrote a column for his local MUFON group. And how in 1973 he had a "nonfatal" light plane crash over a secret naval base (and saw "wonderful equipment" in their dispensary covered in mysterious sheets - EoR wonders how he could tell what was under the sheets). And there's also the tale of how he saw two flying saucers in the space of a few days in 1976 (along with all the usual implied government cover up/secret experiments paranoia).

Dr Leir gives an amazing (EoR is forced to keep using that word) tale of a woman with a strange implant in her big toe. Even though heavily anaesthetized, when he touched the implant the woman leapt into the air. Video of this surgery is shown. The incision. The probing. But no incredible and impossible leaping. Why not? EoR would have loved to have seen what happened when the patient suddenly and violently moved while a scalpel was inserted into her. According to the video, there was absolutely no damage. That Dr Leir is one damn fine surgeon...

Incredibly, there is no inflammatory response to these implants (Dr Leir conveniently ignores the cysts that form around them - apart from implyng that these membranes are somehow Part of the Alien Device itself) nor any sign of entry wounds (this contradicts later discussion of "scoop marks" on alien abductees). Given the tiny size of these objects, any discernable scar would be unlikely.

Again, Dr Leir discusses the incredible (EoR got tired of saying "amazing") results obtained by totally independent laboratory testing. He sent the objects off to the National Institute of Discovery Science (and any scientific organisation that has subjects such as Astrobiology, Consciousness Studies and Best UFO Cases on its home page must be totally independent and completely unbiased).

The test results came back with findings that Dr Leir seems to think were both incredible and amazing (hyperbole is starting to fail EoR):
Further tests should be done.

Funnily, EoR would have interpreted that as no finding. Not proof of alien livestock tracking technology.

So, the further tests were done. According to Dr Leir, the tests came back saying the closest thing to the implant were meteorite samples. This later becomes "this comes from a meteor". Our interviewer gasps
Not of this earth!

Indeed, meteors are not of this earth. Unfortunately, being similar to meteorites doesn't exclude the very remote possibility that the objects did, in fact, have a terrestrial origin.

There is a "Letter of Opinion" on Dr Leir's website which states, in part,
The first theory on the origin of these samples was initiated due to the relatively high hardness value obtained for the iron core of sample T1,2. It is well known that very hard iron alloys can be found naturally in meteorite samples. In fact, several characteristics of the specimens are similar to certain meteorite-type materials. [...] Based on my examination, the samples in question could possibly fit into this framework. [...] An altogether different hypothesis can be formulated based on the fact that these specimens were extracted from an human body. An iron sliver, embedded in human tissue could possibly cause a calcification reaction. This would explain the presence of calcium and phosphorous on the surface of the samples. It must be stressed, these are only theories as to the origin of the specimens in question based on preliminary data and information. More in-depth studies would be required to prove either one.

Well, that certainly indicates the only possible - indeed, the only obvious and likely - explanation is alien implants.

Dr Leir then postulates at some length (without mentioning any studies or proof to support his assertions) about "supposing" they have an instrument they can scoop keratin out of the skin, create a gel with it, reinsert it, and emit UV light to seal up the wound.

EoR feels he's back in the land of scientifiction again.

Dr Leir is also at pains to point out how these implants self destruct, quickly disintegrating if not stored in the patient's own serum. Unfortunately, he later pulls some samples (which he states had already undergone "numerous" tests) from a plastic bag in his jacket pocket and shows them off. They must be the more durable Mark 2 Impants.

EoR also wonders why the aliens haven't visited him. Aren't they a little confused by all their tracking devices moving around as a unit?

Dr Leir concludes that his Quest is to obtain more data and release this knowledge to the World. EoR would be grateful if he could obtain any evidence.

Oh, and Galileo gets a passing mention. EoR would have been disappointed if he hadn't.

Dr Leir continues his selfless efforts to uncover the truth. An example is here where the good doctor solicits donations of cash and "cars, planes, boats or other items" to conduct "scientific physical abduction research". For the life of him, EoR can't work out what multiple cars, planes and boats would contribute to the already dubious "science" of Ufology.


  1. Did you by any chance ever catch Dr. Leir on Penn and Teller's Bullshit? Well worth the rental if you haven't.

  2. EoR doesn't have an NTSC capable TV,unfortunately. Are you saying Dr Leir is spouting bullshit? Surely not! Lying AND asking people to give him cars and planes? It's inconceivable...

    I bet he's got an implant in his big toe forcing him to do it.

  3. Dr Liar would just be an entertaining diversion if it wasn't for the fact he represents a plausible analytical source to many people. He has a few of my friends totally sucked in. If the aliens are so technologically superior we should give in gracefully - we haven't a hope and may as well enjoy playing mice (some call it the vaseline approach).

    Regarding foreign objects: (please excuse resorting to an anecdote) I know someone who made a bow and arrow - unfortunately using splintery wood for the arrow. When he fired it, a triangular splinter entered his hand so smoothly that doctors couldn't find the puncture hole but the lump of splinter could easily be felt in the hand.

    I wish the title "Dr" could be limited to its traditional users. If podiatrists are Drs I suppose manicurists will be next.


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