Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Grzelka: Psychics Real, Skeptics Cynics

Mr Grzelka made his regular radio appearance and purveyed his cold reading talents again. Even though his act consists of mainly questions and (frequently baffling and wrong) guesses, nonetheless his opening statements today put skeptics firmly in their place.
I remember John Edwards saying one day, and I totally agree with him, it doesn't matter that, that, that's the case - sometimes we're wrong, the fact is we're getting it. We're getting the information, that's the important thing. We're getting information from the spirit realm - it's there. [...] It gives it all meaning. It gives it some understanding on what are we doing here, why are we - you know, why do, why do so many things go wrong for us, and why do some people have so many things go right for them. [...] The fact that we have a spirit realm, and I honestly, I cannot understand why it's so hard to believe that. [...] But, you know, what I will say to skeptics is, look, be skeptical, it's important that you are skeptical, just don't turn into a cynic because once you become cynical then nothing makes sense

John Edwards as a credible reference? EoR isn't even going to comment on that one.

Mr Grzelka also raised the old chestnut that psychics are never 100% correct (why not - they're in touch with the ultimate information source, if only they'd upgrade to the broadband spiritual connection so they could work out who "R" is), only 60% or so. But he's still getting "information from the spirit realm". Just not the right information. Which is different from cold reading skills deliberately performed in exactly what way?

EoR has never said it's difficult to believe in a spirit realm. Or God. Or homeopathy. Or fluffy blue rectal fairies. What is hard is finding any evidence for all these fantasies. Believe what you want, just don't claim that your magic communications are real. Mr Grzelka not only believes, but charges money for his beliefs.

EoR would also deny that all skeptics are cynics (though there may well be an overlap of the sets) but, more importantly, who cares whether a skeptic is a cynic or an extroverted optimist? What utter difference does it make?

EoR also feels very sorry for all the cynics out there who, apparently, are now living in a world where "nothing makes sense". Must be very difficult for them.

Skipping over Mr Grzelka's Hits and Misses Show (more of the same as last time - EoR won't bother you with the same tired examples) EoR wants to focus on the last caller, John of Kardinya, who asks about the presence of "non human life on the other side". Mr Grzelka expounded at some length, amazing EoR with his understanding of life, biology, and Everything.
I often, I often pick up animals, um, animals, um, if that's what you're just talking about, animals, um, I pick them up all of the time. [...] Primarily it's cats and dogs. [...] It's because they, they live with us that they sort of assimilate to our vibration, um, and, some of them actually communicate with me just like a human being would from the other side and I talk to them and I communicate directly with them. Quite often, they need to come through, um, with somebody else, to help them talk but most of the time, um, they come through quite clearly and I don't have any problems with them.

So, "quite often" they need an intermediary spirit, and "most of the time" they don't. Isn't that having it both ways? Mind you, given Mr Grzelka's difficulty in identifying human correspondents, how can you tell whether Puss's meow should be translated "R" or "M" or "X"? Or, more probably, "Feed me". EoR is also disappointed that "non human life" wasn't aliens. Surely the aliens who have crossed over after their years of rectal probing finally come to an end, are out there just wanting to chat about their adventures?

In response to a vaguely newage religious interjection from his caller, Mr Grzelka continues
The one thing I will very quickly say on this is that the, the nature spirits or the natural world evolves slightly differently to human beings. Where human beings spiritually evolve as individuals, nature, the nature world and animals in general, um, with the exception perhaps of, of cats and dogs though they do fit into this same category, evolve as species and as a group of animals. So, there not many individuals in there that do but as a group they do evolve and are very very aware of themselves.

EoR is thoroughly confused now. Should he "believe" (in order not to become cynical and have to exist in a meaningless universe) in Evolution, or Intelligent Design, or Grzelkian Design? He much prefers Grzelkian Design, since it doesn't seem to really have any rules or principles, with its fiercely religious view of human supremacy over the "nature world" (EoR thought the psychics were the caring sharing newage types, but apparently not) mellowed by its species shifting cats and dogs. It's a bit like Spiritual Apartheid, where cats and dogs, while they're not Pure White, at least aren't Pure Black like all those other animals, and can be allowed in with the Whites occasionally.

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  1. Thanks for the "fluffy blue rectal fairies", although I'm going to have to add "invisible" to the line when I use it in mixed conversation.


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