Wednesday, April 12, 2006

EoR Becomes Confused

The April 2006 issue of Living Now offers "Tips to nurture your qi while working in the modern world".

Tip one is washing your hands to remove "perverse energy", ensuring the water covers the "important acupuncture points" on the wrist so that "toxic energy from the qi body" can be excreted. It is also helpful to ensure your are "breathing out the perverse energy down the arm". EoR dreads to think what would happen if you breathed in the other direction. You should probably also consult Emoto-san before disposing of the tainted water.

Tip two is to have a bath. This will "revive the qi body" and "flush toxic energies". Having a bath also "allows an expansion of the mental faculties".

Tip three is the most powerful tip and involves "developing the centres of energy above the head." At first, EoR thought the author was referring to overhead powerlines, but the requirement to "build the ability to function a kind of energetic muscle" had him thoroughly confused.

After all that confusion, it was good to find a sensible article written by a BA Dip Health, entitled "How intelligent is your food?"
Food contains intelligence. A food's intelligence can be loosely translated as nutritional value although it also includes the quality, freshness and degree of life of the food. [...] By consuming the food we also absorb that protecting intelligence thus contributing to the health of our physiology. [...] One of the dangers of genetically modified food is that it confuses the body. Our bodies have evolved with the food we eat over thousands and thousands of years. When it comes down to a new type of food such as an apple spliced with a fish gene, it cannot properly digest and assimilate it. The alien substance remains in the body and creates havoc with the system. Instead of providing intelligence it provides confusion.

This must also mean never eat fish and apples in the same meal since, once chewed and broken down by gastric juices, all those apple genes and all those fish genes will be swilling around together, intelligently confusing the poor old digestive system hopelessly.

EoR suggests it would be best just to eat an apple and wait a few days to ensure it has been thoroughly digested. Then eat a fish. And so on.


  1. I guess this means the end of Chinese/Thai/Indian takeaways (unless you are Chinese, Thai or Indian of course).

  2. Our bodies have evolved with the food we eat over thousands and thousands of years.

    If you ignore the fact that we've been genetically modifying food for that long, using a process known as "breeding". We're just doing it much faster nowadays.

  3. Fish genes in an apple? That’s the first I’ve ever heard of that one. The usual claim is that fish genes were spliced into a tomato – something that was done only as an experiment in a lab, but that didn’t work and was never made available commercially.


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