Friday, April 14, 2006


EoR recently had a muscle cramp in his shoulder when he woke up one morning, which got worse over a few days, and which was so severe that he couldn't turn to look to the right. A number of options presented themselves to him: book an appointment with the doctor and get some drugs, see the bowenist to realign his muscles, have needles inserted in magic points to release the stagnant qi, phone up the distant healer to sort out his aura and chakras, take some magic water to cure just about everything, or a whole plethora of incredible biomachines.

Instead, EoR chose to rest it and get a good night's sleep. Next morning, the pain was gone.

Now, if EoR had undertaken one, or more, of these therapies, he might be inclined to attribute the recovery directly to the therapy. Clealy, however, it was not related to any therapy whatsoever. So why is EoR's anecdote about an apparent miracle cure worth any less than all the open mouthed testimonials about every alternative cure?

EoR is thinking of starting up a website promoting Restology™ or possible Q-Nothing® (as in quantum nothing) where he will spend time discussing the woes and worries of the afflicted, and then charge them large amounts of money for sending Healing Rest-Waves or Q-Enhanced Energetic Nothing Particles to mend them. There's probably a fortune in it.


  1. Yup- I had a friend phone me up because he knows I look up stuff, and he had some kind of plant that could make people a bit excited. He wanted me to find out how to get this "bottled" and tested because he had a video that could prove that it worked. Ummmmm........not so much. First of all it would cost BIG BUCKS to actually do this, second a video proves nothing, and third of all what a ridiculous dumb thing to say. I had to beg off politely and tell him to phone his lawyer as I am just not qualified.

    I am thinking that I should just hang up a shingle saying that I am a 29 trillion year old being from a planet far away, and I have picked this body to spread my message in....if you drink your own urine and whistle for a half an hour a day and watch comedies only you will live longer and prosper. Do you think I would have any takers????? I would have to wear lots of makeup and speak in a sexy voice and wear black clothes with important looking jewellry I think. And dye my hair a delicious shade of platinum blonde. Hmmm... I need a summer job- LOL!!!

  2. I'm sure EoR would feel an irrestible desire to buy your books, your DVDs, attend your seminars and courses, and sign up to your multilevel marketing plan...

  3. It looks like someone beat you to the restology :)


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