Monday, April 10, 2006

I See Dud Police

As we all know, the only way law enforcement agencies get any results ever is through the benevolent, generous assistance of psychics. Unfortunately, this information doesn't seem to have permeated to Australia, where the Federal Police doggedly insist on standard procedures of information gathering and detection (and all the time that takes, when a Real Life Rooly Trooly Psychic Wingdinger could solve the crime Just Like That).

Luckily, this closeminded attitude appears to be waning, when a senior officer of the Australian Federal Police approached a clairvoyant to find the culprit making a death threat against the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately for him, the hierarchy are too hidebound to see what an amazing cost cutting measure this could be, and have suspended him from duty pending an investigation into his actions. Perhaps they could consult a psychic to assess his case - but they'd need to get a Real Psychic. The officer in this case seems to have erred by revealing confidential information to the psychic. EoR would never accept that psychics work by extracting information from their marks - sorry, clients - and parrotting it back to them...

Which just leaves two unanswered questions: why did the policeman consult the psychic, and not the other way around (surely, the psychic already 'knew' about the crime, the perpetrator, and the policeman); and why didn't the psychic tell the policeman he was about to be suspended?

AFP to investigate officer's 'psychic consultation'
Federal Police to deal with psychic claims, Govt says

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