Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What's Worse than Cancer?

'Treatments' that will kill you quicker, that's what. When Tasmanian premier Jim Bacon was diagnosed with lung cancer the kooks came out of the woodwork, promoting their own favourite tried and tested sure-fire cure-alls, forcing the head of oncology at the Royal Hobart Hospital to issue a warning against this sort of madness.

The beauty of alternative therapies to cure cancer is that there are only success stories. Terminal cases tend not to lodge complaints (and anyway, there's always the belief that life would have been shorter but for the apricot pips, or the magic water, or the juju etc).

EoR thinks it slightly ironic that Tasmania is also famous for being the home of the now deceased Second Opinion (an example of how alternative therapies failed to keep the patient alive).

Unfortunately, for every sane voice, there's at least another rambling in the magical wilderness.

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