Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Eyes Hurt! My Brain Hurts!

Luxor Light Healing is EoR's woo de jour.

Along with the usual crap about realigning and balancing chakras and energy and past lives and future lives and galactic bodies (apparently not planets, asteroids etc) and karma and multidimensions (which can all be summarised: I sit here and look a bit glazed for an hour or two, and you give me some money) EoR was interested to read that the process involves

Energy shifting in order to activate the energy field and propel the participant forward along their path

EoR feels this is something he can believe in. In fact, he'd like to demonstrate the principle to Christina using the principles of kinetic energy, a sharp push to the back, and a bus. EoR also feels his psychic powers working, and can predict the (short-term) future this would lead to.

Meanwhile, EoR moans yet again about why the alternatistas can't design websites. This abomination of pastel colour on pastel colour is screaming "I haven't got a clue about making it easy for the customer". I don't know. Why can't the voices tell Christine what colours to use. Or maybe True Believers just see the auras around the letters and it's purposely designed to deter the skeptics.

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