Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Banerji Footnote

Just a little bit more about the Wonderful World of 'Dr' Parimal Banerji. But first: a warning. Yet again an alternatista shows not only do they have no understanding of how to make a simple web page so people can read it, but it appears whoever created this page has deliberately used as many design mistakes as he can to make his world shattering message as inaccessible as possible. Be prepared to face blue text on a pastel green background, a really annoying large animated gif, and all the text centred on the page.

Though some people (notably Theosophists) may mistakenly believe the Life Force has been discovered, it is thanks to 'Dr' Banerji that we can now loudly proclaim the Discovery of Life-Force.
The mystery about creation of life has been solved and how life, consciousness, mind is created in our body has now been explainable by the Discovery of Source of Life-Force. A new type of energy field has been discovered on every molecule, which bears all the properties of the respective elements and compounds from which such energies are created. This energy gets detached from the molecule like a whirl of energy carrying with it some specific properties of the respective molecules, and forms the living cells. It has been scientifically proved that inside every cell of the living body such detached energies individually create all the different types of Life-Activities, consciousness, mind, etc. and then all the individual cells congruously work for the total manifestation of the life as a whole.

Wow! Science can pretty well pack up its test tubes and go home now, since 'Dr' Banerji has wrapped up everything there is to learn about the world. EoR is increasingly annoyed at these alternatistas raving in an incoherent and ill-defined manner about 'consciousness' and 'mind' in cells. Tell that to a foetus born without a brain.
After working for about sixteen years, ultimately in the year 1970 I discovered that there exists a special type of field of energy over the surface of each atom of every element created from induction by the interaction of the components of the atoms. This field of energy possesses the specificity or the properties of the element. We already knew that there is an electromagnetic field over the atom, which does not have this specificity of the element. This energy has been named by me as Anavik Shakti Avarta (ASA) from which the Source of Life-Force is generated and all the phenomena of life activities, the consciousness, mind, intellect, etc., are created.

Regardless of his 'avid' interest in physics, he can claim
When a molecule is formed, the ASAs of its component atoms are transferred from the surface of the atoms to the surface of the molecule.

EoR is confused, since he thought molecules consisted of atoms but apparently in the dream world of 'Dr' Banerji they are separate things. Atoms are atoms, and molecules are molecules, and never the twain shall meet.

These magical energy fields aren't very resilient, however, and rubbing them against water wears them off, but that's okay since they then form Super-ASA (kind of like Clark Kent changing into Superman, EoR imagines). That noise you can hear is Einstein spinning in his grave.
The research has been completed and published in a nut-shell in the form of a book "Discovering the Source of Life-Force"

Nut-house, more likely. 'Dr' Banerji gives only two references, one to his populist novel, and one to a television show. Not a trace of any scientific publication. But why does EoR not find that surprising?

Amusingly enough, this incoherent ramble concludes with a section headed "Other Places to go" which is blank. Very telling, really.

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