Friday, December 02, 2005

I See Bad Tidings. I Think.

It's always nice when true psychics have the courage of their convictions, and make their unerring predictions public so that their amazing accuracy can be confirmed.

There are some at It must, of course be remembered that

A prediction is similar to a Precognition, but it differs in the fact that the information gathered is obtained through the divine powers of inspiration, psychic gifts, sign reading, or the altering of consciousness, and they concern the individual. However, predictions are based on Precognitions i.e. direct knowledge of the future.

The major issue surrounding predictions may be affected by the perceptions and biasness of the individual having the predictions.

A minor glitch in the system is that these predictions are hard to pint point or predict when they are about to happen, as the time is not linear but exists in an ever present now.

So, I think, that means that, though divinely inspired, and being direct knowledge, 'pint' pointing isn't accurate. Or something. Maybe they just had too much to drink before writing all that.

Anyway, there are major predictions from three lovely psychic ladies.

Carol says: in October to November 2005, north eastern Africa will have a calamity that will be 'mostly' famine. Meanwhile, in 'some parts' of China and Malaysia a flood will occur.

EoR gives Carol a 50% score. Given that north eastern Africa is permanently in a state of famine, Carol was right on with her prediction, though it could more correctly be termed an observation. As to the strange flood that stretches from China to Malaysia (and nowhere in between) it either didn't happen, or the press is suppressing the terrible news.

Carol goes further though:

Governments in general, in some parts of the world, will change their leadership style towards a more dictatorship kind of leadership

EoR feels this will come true, given that governments change all the time, and it only needs to be 'towards' the specified style.

There will be a greater support of the population from the population

Um, yes. EoR just wishes he understood that one.

One of [Bush's] people will make a mistake and it will most likely cause a huge uprising among them and they will be publicly shunned

This sounds very Biblical. Could she mean Rove, or Cheney, or Libby? Or none of these? Where's the 'huge uprising'? If only those Divine Powers could be a bit more specific...

In Israel, as more conflicts erupt, more people will die, and Carol predicted that Ariel Sharon will experience a lot difficulties

Ah, more observation of current affairs. Hardly precognition.

The President of Iran will experience some difficulty in his health, leading to his replacement.

In Russia, the City of Jorja will experience a rebellion, ultimately ending up in the Resignation of the Head of State.

The city of Jorja? Does anyone know where this is? Does she mean Georgia (though that's not a city)? Damn those incoherent divine inspirations!

Towards the end of this year, a great discovery will be made, but coverage of this medical phenomenon will be delayed until early 2006.

EoR looks forward to this one.

There will be a decline in the price of Real Estate, due to a credit card scandal, ultimately leading to a conflict of interest between Governments and the People.

EoR wonders how a 'credit card scandal' will lead to real estate prices falling.

None of these last few have come to pass yet, but there's still a month left...

There will be a natural calamity that will occur in Australia soon, but it will not be as disastrous as the previous calamities she has made predictions about.

Australia, given its size and climate, has natural calamities all the time, particularly 'less than disastrous' ones. More observation.

When it comes to the Industry of Textiles, Psychic Carol has predicted that The Chinese People will take on a more predominant role.

Observation again, not precognition. Carol's specific psychic skill seems to be "stating the bleeding obvious".

The price of petrol will go up more by the end of this year.

EoR would have been more impressed if she had predicted a fall in price, since prices have been rising since the 1970s. Does she mean on any one day, generally, or just on the last day of the year? Details! More details!

Towards the end of this year, people will have a less individualistic approach to life, and by the beginning of next year, they will have more solidarity within their lives.

EoR shakes his head in wonderment and confusion again. If only he understood what that was, maybe he could decide whether it had occurred or not.

Coming soon, the Dazzling Diana, and the Haruspicating Heidi.

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