Sunday, December 04, 2005

Psychic Diana

Returning for a moment to, EoR gazes in wonderment at the predictions of Psychic Diana:

Chappelle Corby, charged with Drug Trafficking in Bali, will be released.

EoR finds Psychic Diana's timeline confusing (is this related to the three month period mentioned earlier in the paragraph, or is it one of the events happening in the 'ever present now'? Or is just that she'll be released after serving her sentence?

Following the Bombings in England, either America or Canada will be the target of the next terrorist attacks, and this will cause more unrest between America and Iraq. This will result in Australia being involved as Psychic Diana predicts that more troops will be sent over, resulting in bad vendetta over Australians. This prediction is said to come through within the next 6 to 12 months

Psychic Diana was listening to the wrong voices, and obviously missed the bombings in Delhi (India) and Amman (Jordan). Strangely enough, neither of these cities are in America or Canada.

For Australia, Psychic Diana predicts that there will be lots of rainfall in the next 2 to 3 months.

Psychic Diana demonstrates that she, like Psychic Carol, can also state the bleeding obvious. If only she could say where, and how much... And just what is 'lots'?

Psychic Diana also predicts that there will be a crowning this year, but it will be the cause of celebrations.

EoR wonders how many 'crownings' are not the cause of celebrations?

In the Area of South America, Psychic Diana predicts that there will be a huge body of water that will cause damage to many people. It is either between a flood, cyclone or tornado, but she has predicted that it will not be as bad as the Tsunami

Wow! Some sort of water related incident somewhere in the whole of South America! Sometime. I just bet this comes true, even if what she really saw was someone's basement being flooded...

In Africa, Psychic Diana predicted that there will be a lot of Famine and deaths, more than we have ever known.

Psychic Diana confuses what's happening now and is general knowledge with magic powers. She needs to get out more.

Psychic Diana also predicted that more and more Africans will urge other countries to adopt their children, and predicts that there will be a large influx of children into other more developed countries. She predicts it will be a big thing early this coming year of 2006.

EoR awaits the mass giving away of African children 'early' in 2006, but is not holding his breath.

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