Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Psychic Heidi and the Second Korean War

Our final psychic lady from psychic.com.au is Heidi. In Heidi's visions

The situation in the Middle East, although calm now to an extent, Psychic Heidi predicts that it will not stay quiet for all to long. The uprising will begin in October, then calm down during the winter, and then if her prediction is correct, it will start up again during the spring.

A reasonable assumption, though where was the October Uprising? Psychics even appear to have trouble dealing with the bleeding obvious.

More closer to Home, Psychic Heidi predicts that there will be some form of Political unrest, and the root of this problem will be that of the situation on Iran and Iraq.

Wow! 'Some sort' of political unrest because of the War on Terror? This sort of thing is unprecedented! Does she mean revolution in the streets? Or two anarchists handing out copies of Resistance on the street corner?

Unhappiness will lie within the [English - not British] Royal Family.

Again - this is so off the wall. This sort of thing had never happened before. Though EoR suspects Psychic Heidi is becoming more accurate when she refers to lies.

In Germany, Psychic Heidi predicts that there is some political unrest within the country. Her prediction has led her to believe that there will another party that will take over. Although there will be some civil unrest, Psychic Heidi’s Premonition shows her that it will be very minor

A prediction that has come true! Maybe Psychic Heidi is the Real Thing? Except that the election was general knowledge. And what is 'some' civil unrest? This is so unspecific it could cover a multitude of occurences every day.

Another Prediction of Psychic Heidi is that of Korea. She predicts that there will be a major conflict with America, but also added that it will not last long as the Koreans will lose interest.

This is EoR's favourite future vision: the Second Korean War. But it's okay, because the Koreans will just get bored and go home.

And finally in 2006, Psychic Heidi predicts that the current French President, Jacques Shirac will not be in power for much longer.

Incredible stuff. Come on, Heidi, don't just say 'much longer'. How long? Give us a specific date. Just ask the voices to speak up a little.

Can you believe some people think these gifted individuals are just making it all up. EoR can hardly credit it.

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