Saturday, December 31, 2005

Doreen Virtue™

Doreen Virtue™ practices Angel Therapy™ (you can attend the introductory course for $A555, or $A777 for the advanced course for those who have demonstrated a susceptibility to this
particular form of bullshit).

It just goes to show that someone with a BA, MA and PhD can also be a complete loony, though she obviously knows where the money is.

Strangely enough, she seems to be Allison Dubois's spiritual sister.

Like The World's Only True Psychic she's too busy as "she continues to talk to God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and the angels" to conduct private readings any more.

What particularly fascinated EoR, however, was the amazing story of the car theft by two armed men. Doreen™ was
so stupid she didn't have a clue what to do until
The voice spoke to her again-it was loud, distinctly male, and it instructed her to scream with all her might. This time she listened, and her life was saved by passers-by who became alarmed and sent her attackers running.

Thank goddess for angel instructions in moments of duress.

This sounds eerily similar to EoR's mind to The World's Only True Psychic's experience:
One day when she was out riding her bike in her home neighbourhood in Pheonix, two young men attempted to entice her into the car they were driving. Allison was alone on the street, realised she didn't know the men, and was terrified and frozen with shock. She says a voice suddenly startled her out of her immobile state by ordering her to get away as fast as possible, telling her to ride her bike home as quickly as she could.

There's a pattern here. Cars. Angels. EoR can't quite work it out though.
Angel Therapy, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and Doreen Virtue are trademarked worldwide as registered terms.


  1. These angel rescues are incredibly mundane. In fact reading about them is an embarrassment (or should be) for the storytellers. Why can't they accept commonsense as just that?

    I'm sorry they didn't go with the nasty men.

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  3. hey, FYI, the price has gone up -- WAY up, to $1777. Does anyone know when the thousand dollar increase went into effect?


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