Monday, December 26, 2005

2000 Patients Cured Every Day!

A comment posted by a Paremesh Banerji extols the virtues of Dr Parimal Banerji. This 'doctor' has apparently conducted the world's largest homeopathy trial, treating 14 million cases and, in his spare time, developing a new 'scientific' form of homeopathy.

Such claims, as always, intrigue EoR, so he did a little research. 'Dr' Banerji has a website at where he states how he has optimised his practice to see 2000 patients a day (though apparently he has now slowed down considerably, and only sees several hundred patients a day).
He has had an extremely high success rate in his practice and the sheer number of patients that come to him even after 5 decades of practice bear testimony to the same. This is in spite of the fact that he can barely spend more than one minute with a particular patient.

Faster than a GP! More powerful than a drug company! Able to leap tall impossibilities in a single bound!

EoR will be generous, and allow only a minute per 'consultation' (not the 'barely' more). This still equates to over 33 hours per day work. Think of the overtime!

He has also (during all his spare time) conducted 'elaborate' research into
Renal Failure
Brain Tumour
Heart Diseases
Cysts and growths of different kinds
Renal Stones
Gall Bladder Stones
Mental diseases
Spondylitis and Spondylosis
Ear infection
Menstrual Disorders

Actually, these just appear to be card file records of his patients (but doesn't all that writing cut into the 60 seconds?), not research at all. But wait! There's more! He's also been involved in
The creation of the Science of Advanced Homoeopathy
The identification of new causes for diseases and also some hitherto unknown maintaining causes which have so far prevented radical cures
The discovery of new management techniques for different diseases
The new side effects of allopathic medicines as well as surgical procedures and
the Homoeopathic means of addressing them
Introduction of new drugs in Homoeopathic practice
Discovery of new properties of existing Homoeopathic medicines

'Advanced' homeopathy sounds the same to EoR as 'simplistic' homeopathy, except for
The management technique would include specifying diets, clothing, postures and also the exact procedures for the withdrawal of allopathic medicines and the abandoning of their associated management advise

Right. Change your clothes. Put one leg in the air. Give up your drugs. This is scary stuff given his predilection for claiming all those cancer cures (but does he actually cure? EoR could only find lots of cases he's treated, but no claims to cure. This could be a telling point).

But that's not all!
Besides his mammoth contribution to Medicine he has also done revolutionary work in the field of Physics and Bio-physics. This has culminated in the publication of his paper ' The origin of Life'. This work of his provides a completely new perspective into exactly how life might have formed for the first time and how the phenomenon of life actually manifests itself in this world.
He has also done work in the field of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Research and was one of the seven board member of the United Nations organisation - International Union of Forestry Research Organisations (IUFRO).

He has also 'practically' and 'theoretically' proven the existence of a
Physico-Mental-Dynamic-Plane (PMDP)

The groundbreaking effect of this discovery is that one cure can be given for all ails. Certainly saves time if you've only got 60 seconds to cure the lame, blind and insane (does not include time to fill in card file).

EoR can't help but wonder where this man's time machine is to give him all the hours needed to accomplish so much. And where's his Nobel prize. This is a supergenius! He even modestly compares himself to Newton! And a philanthropist to boot: he treats his patients for free, supports researchers, and "an estimated 100 families for several decades now".

So not only can he cure all diseases, create more hours in the day than the rest of us have, has overthrown evolution, has discovered a new plane of existence, but he also apparently has discovered the philosopher's stone and creates money out of thin air.

Oh, hang on, maybe he's interested in the money after all:
The charge for a one off [email] consultation is currently US $100

And, like any quack, he has published books 'proving' his claims, but has no peer reviewed publications in the medical literature (obviously he doesn't have the time!).

'Dr' Banerji consults via email, and will ship his 'medicines' to you. Presumably for free, from the goodness of his philanthropic heart. But how can you tell you're getting the full 60 second consultation?


  1. I just knew from the comment in the other thread that this guy was going to be good. Luckily I got some money for christmas so I can afford a consultation. I'm not even unwell, but if he can cure all those cancers with his miracle cure, imagine what it will do for someone who isn't even sick!

  2. These is crap its utterly impossible to treat or even think about a homoeopthic cure only in 60 seconds. Bcos of people like these name of homoeopathy is being tarnished

  3. This guy cannot be a homoeoath he is surely a quack/

  4. What's so mutually exclusive about being a quack and a homeopath? Ok, so not all quacks are homeopaths...

  5. I think you have completely missed the point. First of all he himself has made absolutely no claim 'yet' - the website that you are referring to has been developed by people who know him and NOT he himself.

    Another point is that whatever he has is backed by MRI scans and pathological reports from ISO 9000 certified organisations. What is also available are documentation of the complete treatment these same patients had from some of the world's most respected medical institutions. Videos, Photos and actual contact numbers of patients are available for authenticity purposes.

    Again - 2000 pateints are not treated by he himslf. Please note the quote "...More than 14 million patients have passed through his clinics and all of them....."
    He has 4 clinics and a large team of several dozen doctors. HOwever, you must know that after the case study is prepared by his assistant doctors he only takes about 45 seconds to prescribe.

    Now about the term cure - please be informed that it is illegal for anyone to claim 'cure' even for acne. However, Dr. Parimal Banerji's records would have thousands of cases of almost all the diseases listed and more.

    Another point - the so called modern medicine does not have any cure for about 95% of the diseases - a referral for surgery (or carpentry!) is admission that there is no treatment. The other strategy of life long medication whether it is for Blood pressure, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, etc. is a clear admission that you have absolutely no cure at all for most diseases.
    In fact it is as crude as trying to treat a high fever by putting ice on the body.

    Moreover, Dr. Parimal Banerji's research on the present day allopathic drugs and their unknown side-effects is another aspect that you should learn about.

    In order to help you appreciate some of these things a new website is in the making. It would only give you more reason to bite your nails helplessly.
    The initiatives that would follow after that would be even more scary for the current pharmaceutical industry which is spending $ 800 million to do "peer reviewed research" for developing new miracle cures - only to be discarded as poisons within 5 years or so.

    You do not know about Dr. Parimal Banerji and his work, have not been to any of his clinics, spoken to any of his patients, students, doctors - so I suggest you try to admit what is being written as the organisation has no shareholders who decide what to do the research on. The $ 100 charge does not go to him - neither does the payee get his personal opinion for that $ 100 unless the case in question is worthy of his time. The money goes to the institution for cross subsidising the activites.

  6. Paramesh: Perhaps after 50 years and 14 000 000 patients your dad Parimal can acutally produce some real results for other people to attempt to replicate?

    "First of all he himself has made absolutely no claim 'yet' - the website that you are referring to has been developed by people who know him and NOT he himself."

    But does he deny, publicly to be safe, that he can do or does what is written on that website? If it is such a mischaracterization on the website designers part then why can you get in contact, even book an appointment, with the good doctor?

    Parimal Banerji is a quack.
    Homeopathy doesn't work.
    Proving it does means convincing more than yourself.

  7. His results are being replicated thousands of times each day in several countries of the world.
    The Lancet article is based on 89 cases and ignoring 14 million.
    And you have not dealt with any of his work. So do you mean to say that the reports of doctors in the US medical system are lies which they later confirm with their own investigations after our treatment?
    The Homoeopathy you know about is not anything close to what he has been able to do - except that the medicines are from the same armamentarium.
    Bear in mind that his patients include those from about 25 states of USA adn thirty countries of the world and I am excluding the patietns of the Telemedicine Centre - these people fly down to his clinics to be treated because they have been convinced by the US doctors (with appropriate documentation) that they cannot be treated Without disproportionate penalties.
    Dr. Parimal Banerji has not made any claims on this website because it is not developed by him.
    So I suggest you restrict your comments to things you already know. Particularly the issues that are peer reviewed like the $ 800 million R & D budget to develop each medicine that is being junked every 5 years after completely unexplained deaths of poor naive patients.
    Another thing to be kept in mind is that he does not care about money - if he did he would have been one of the richest men of the planet - condisering the value of his research work has been recently valued by International Accounting firms at US $ 2.5 Billion.
    Ofocurse - the publication of his claims and applications in a worldscale are in the works and it would not be long before it positively affects a much larger number of people.

  8. So, if I send you my $US100, you mean I might only get a response if the good 'doctor' feels so inclined? What a scam!

    Who does the MRI scans, tests etc? 'Dr' Parimal himself? Or the other places these people go for real treatment?

    Don't just say 'International Accounting firms'. Be specific. Which ones?

  9. The $ 100 is the fee for the organisation - any sernior doctor would respond just as in any organisational clinic which in this case he has established. If the case is complicated enough then he would be consulted and may also decide to take up personally.
    As clearly mentioned the tests such as MRI, CT, USG are done in diagnostic centres who own the equipment provide such services. He and other doctors in the clinics regularly ask patients to do them from diagnostic centres of their choosing bearing in mind that they need to be reliable (eg ISO 9000 certified, US or European Government recognised establishments,etc.). The Homeopathy he practices is guided by these reports more than gut feeling as is commonly perceived about Homeopaths.
    All details would be available in the website coming soon and other forums deemed fit by Dr. Banerji and others in the organisation.

    However, I am very keen to hear your comments about the 'peer reviewed' $ 800 Million pills (or poisons) that modern medicine is all about - which you are so passionately defending.

  10. Paramesh, your breed of parasite is the filthiest in the bog. Why don't you clean up your act and go and practice in Nigeria? You could learn how to empty bank accounts of greedy people instead of the desperately sick ones.

  11. If 'Dr' Banerji only responds to the 'complicated' cases, does this mean the junior doctors take less than 45 secs per treatment?

    I look forward to 'all' the details being provided as soon as possible, given the complete lack of any evidence so far.

    This posting is not about "the 'peer reviewed' $ 800 Million pills (or poisons) that modern medicine is all about". That seems to be a red herring that you have introduced. Please go back and read the original post again and see where your errors of reading, imagination and inference have occurred.

    I again ask (since you seem to have also misread my previous comment, even though I tried to make it as simple and clear as possible): which 'International Accounting firms'? Or can't you remember? Or are you worried that independent verification might be sought?

  12. I was searching the web for some information on Homoeopathy and came across this blog.

    After reading this, I decided to read the other posts of this person "EoR" to know what he is -

    Quite clear that "He must be a chap with no work on hand. No clear understanding on any subject and the best he can do is comment on anything and everything from Chinese Medicine to Homoeopathy and whatever he can not comprehend in his mind"

    Continuing my search on Homoeopathy and now including Dr. Parimal Banerji, I have come across various reports from many people across the world (and mostly Australia) - appreciating the works of Dr. Parimal Banerji and his Advanced Homoeopathy. It is evident that many are flying from Australia to get trained under him.

    Dr. Paramesh Banerji tried to explain the reality and the greatness of Homoeopathy to these bunch of people, and I notice he had replied in a professional and most polite manner, inspite of the nonsensic comments from the rest. He should have ignored this stupid bunch of EoR crew, but it's evident he is a dedicated Homoeopath and wants everyone to realise the power of Homoeopathy.

    It's a pity that some chaps like EoR feel ignorance is bliss. Joining with him are other bunch of eqally ignorant crew. Grow up chaps, and learn some manners when dealing with other people. Its easy to comment and call names, but always difficult to learn things in life.

    By the way, what does this EoR do? His profile doesn't say anything of him, not even his name! Its more than a joke that such ignorant people go on a marathon to comment anything they come across.

    EoR!, If you are sure that you exist with a head on your neck and that has got a brain in it - I am giving you a challenge, take it if you dare. I will arrange a visit for you at a Homoeopathic Clinic, spend time there, talk to the patients and prove it wrong that they are really cured. If you can not, then it's better you stop your nonsense, and start thinking about doing something useful in your life mate.

  13. EoR "has no clear understanding", is "stupid" and "ignorant", whereas Dr Banerji displays a "professional and most polite manner".

    EoR enjoyed that little display of pique and namecalling. Very polite indeed. In fact, EoR feels so much better he doesn't need to take any little magic water drops now.

    Oh, and homeopathy has been studied by better people than EoR (and Dr Banerji) and found to be (surprise surprise) nothing more than a placebo effect. Please refer to the Lancet.

  14. VK, I think you should read the entire thread before you make comments. The way your comment is structured also casts a doubt whether you are related to the person in context, Dr. Paramesh Banerji or you might as well be the same person posting in a different name!

    I wish Dr. Paramesh Banerji answers the specific question EoR asked,

    Don't just say 'International Accounting firms'. Be specific. Which ones?

    I again ask (since you seem to have also misread my previous comment, even though I tried to make it as simple and clear as possible): which 'International Accounting firms'? Or can't you remember? Or are you worried that independent verification might be sought?

    If Dr. Paramesh Banerji cannot answer the above question from EoR, then he should admit that he is trying to put forward wrong facts claiming his organizations research is valued at US $ 2.5 Billion.

    Dr. Paramesh Banerji, where is the new website you talked about? Any plans to share it with the world? Let us all see what more misleading information is on that.

  15. EoR did you eat your own brain?

  16. all that is coming out is pure shit

  17. Hi anonymous. EoR suggests that you take homeopathic pooh diluted 200C to cure your faecal problem. By the way, how did you determine that the product you were excreting was 'pure' shit? What analysis did you perform?

  18. Hi Guys,
    I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT a scientist. I am NOT related to anyone on this thread.
    I was reading up on homoeopathy and came across this blog.

    Please don't be so petty about things. The 'facts' quoted by either side (EoR and Dr. Banerji) seem slightly exaggerated.

    However, I have been to Dr. Parimal Banerji's clinics. I have found it useful and know a lot of other people who have too.

    Surprisingly, the claims that Dr. Parimal Banerji practised for free in his initial years is TRUE. I am a cynic and I did refuse to believe this at first.

    Also, as mentioned above, he has a team of doctors to help him out. The numbers might seem big for you guys, but you are forgetting that he practices in India - nearly every hospital is full all the time.

    I do not know how his medicines work, but I know they do. For a moment, let your guards down, and think about it from the patient's perspective - all that the patient wants is to be 'cured'. He is not concerned with what he is given - it can be anything, as long as he is able to get rid of his ailment.

    Another thing that you must appreciate is that Dr. Parimal Banerji is over 80 years old and is still highly dedicated to the profession. It would be wrong to expect him to take time out and participate here.

    Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  19. "Let your guards down"?? What? Like Pen Dingle did with her Perth homeopath?

  20. well, everyone on this thread seems to be quite up in arms against homoeopathy. so calm down and give it a try. just because science has failed to find a reason behind its workings till date does not mean it does not work.
    science needs to develop and with time it will find the underlying principles of homoeopathy.
    whatever the reasons, it DOES work!

  21. Since you agree that science shows that homeopathy has no function other than as a placebo you have two choices: throw out homeopathy because it doesn't meet its claims; or, throw out science since it fails to validate your beliefs.

    One of these is a logical choice based on the evidence (even if you don't like the evidence). The other is a faith-based adherence to a disproven system.

    Homeopathy's efficacy is unsupported by the collective weight of modern scientific research.

    The Scientific Evidence on Homeopathy

    Homeopathic association misrepresented evidence to MPs

  22. I think I need a definition of "it DOES work" in order to parse the previous defence.

    What can it do? Does it cure cancer, as many claim it does? Does it heal broken bones? Does it eradicate the need for heart transplants?

    Are there any alternative medicines wildly promoted across the internet that don't work - and how do we know which ones they are and which ones actually DO work despite science's inability to explain them because they keep failing the tests?

    Homeopathy? Reiki? Chiro? TCM? Acupuncture? Prayer? Crystals? Bi-carb? 9-volt batteries? Almond kernels? Caesium? Positive thinking? Faith healing? Sitting in a cardboard box?

    All these modalities enjoy fairly wide support (except for my own "sitting in a cardboard box" therapy which is yet to take off) despite being based on very different ideas about health and well-being. Can they all be right? How do we determine which are worthwhile? Anecdote?

    I just watched the Mary Rodwell doco on SBS. I'm not sure that confirming people's delusions as reality is such a good approach to therapeutic service - even if the person delivering the "therapy" shares those delusions.

  23. 1. I conceded that science hasn't found out how homoeopathy works. I did not conceded that homoeopathy does not work!
    Therefore, the situation we are looking at is - waiting for science to develop to find a reason. In its absence we can still go ahead and enjoy the benefits.

    As I stated earlier, look at it from the patients' perspective. As long as he gets better, he doesn't give a crap about whether 'science thinks homoeopathy works or not'!

  24. Of course, the patient (who might also be female), is wasting money that they could spend elsewhere on proven therapies.

    As for what the harm might be: What's the harm?.

  25. "As long as he gets better, he doesn't give a crap about whether 'science thinks homoeopathy works or not'!"

    Hmmm. So, if the lady down the road wants a termite treatment on her property and I say I can do it for her without nasty chemicals, is it okay if I just pretend to do something but don't really do anything useful?

    She'll be happy that she got the "work" done. She'll sleep better at night knowing no "chemicals" were used and the chances are pretty high that the property won't suffer from termites for a long time since their attacks are almost random.

    If she does suffer a termite attack, can I blame it on a lack of positive thinking on her part? Or maybe I could claim that it's just a part of the treatment process, like a homeopathic aggravation?

    In short, is it always okay to trick your customers as long as they don't know you're fooling them?

  26. Oh, and I didn't ask HOW it works - I asked for a definition of "it DOES work". I wanted specific examples of repeatable claims of efficacy and also some way of determining what DOESN'T work if we are going to ignore science.

  27. It does work.
    Science has been unsuccessful till date to find out how.
    This does not lead to the conclusion that it doesn't work!

  28. My "do nothing" termite treatment works too. I know because I lived for ten years in an untreated home - despite industry and government recommendations that treatments and inspections be carried out at 3-5 yearly intervals - and we never suffered a termite attack in that time.

    Science can't explain why termites are offended by a property treated by "doing nothing".

    Again, however, I ask for a definition of "it does work". What does that mean? I need real-life examples of ailment > treatment > cure.


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