Saturday, December 24, 2005

Breaking News: Homeopathy Doesn't Work.

What do the alternatistas do when a Professor of Complementary Medicine states homeopathy is "ineffective" and chiropracty is "invalid"?

Professor Edzard Ernst of Exeter Univeristy took the job to
bring scientific rigour to the study of alternative medicines, an approach that has made him a highly controversial figure in the field

So, as usual, instead of presenting the evidence, the alternatistas take a different tack:
Not surprisingly, Ernst has been attacked by chiropractors and homeopaths who passionately defend their techniques. The latter point to studies which they say show that most patients they treat are satisfied and cite an analysis in the Lancet of 89 trials in which their medicines were found to be effective.

Ho hum. So patients are 'satisfied'? Are we really discussing medical effectiveness here, or simply a customer satisfaction survey? And how quickly the homeopaths have suddenly become blind to the Lancet metastudy showing their particular brand of witchcraft was a placebo effect, even though they're quite happy to bay like rabid dogs about it any other time.
The British Chiropractic Association told the university it would be better served by an individual who was 'genuinely interested' in complementary medicine.

'I think my peers would prefer someone who didn't rock the boat,' said Ernst.

Apparently True Believers must believe All Woo, not just some of them (since Professor Edzard seems to support herbal medicine, acupuncture and hypnotherapy).

Homeopathy. Blind to science. Blind to change. Blind to reality. Blind to criticism.

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  1. There is plenty to be said about the sudden PR (Public relations) upheaval created by the Lancet report.
    However, for now I only have to say that Lancet report has ignored the world's largest Homoepathic clinical research operation covering over 14 million prescriptions which has been done by Dr. Parimal Banerji. In these cases ofocourse the results are not based on anything other than MRI scan verifications, Pathological reports from ISO 9000 certified laboratories and records of prior treatments of the same patients by the most respected medical institutions of the world.
    However, it is essential to add that the work done by Dr. Parimal Banerji has transformed Homoeopathy from an almost an art form to a science which has well establised disease specific procedures for several dozen most challenging diseases the world faces. Becasue of his expertise the patients who come to him are mostly those who are sufferring from diseases like Brain Tumour, High Blood Pressure, Spondylitis, almost all varieties of Cancer, Diabetes, Prostate problems, all kinds of female diseases including Ovarian cysts, profuse bleeding during menses, Gall Bladder stones, variety of heat dieseases like VSD/ASD,Acute Jaundice, Gall Bladder stones, etc.
    So the Lancet report is based on everything but the world's largest body of evidence comprising over 14 million verifications that exist in the world and the authenticity of the records is fortified by scanned documentation of the reports given by reputed medical centres.
    I will post a separate comment on the existing state of medical research in conventional medicina and what its real position is.
    I am also working a new website on his work which should give a clearer picture of his work.


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