Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Voodoo Dolls

5 Star Psychic (self proclaimed 'real' psychic - EoR's never heard that one before) seems to have an unfortunate habit of 'discovering' haunted dolls. There's EoR's favourite, a Luzanne Porcelain Doll which seems to have an automobile fixation (it stole a driver's licence and then, presumably piqued at not being allowed to go for a drive, loosened the engine mounts) as well as financial interests on the psychic plane (5 Star Psychic once found $300 in the doll's knickers - where else?). Knowing that the only real evidence of possession would be photographic, she took two pictures which are on the site, showing 'blue orbs'. EoR had trouble spotting these, unless they're the dots all over the doll's dress. Mind you, the pictures are so poor copy and compressed that various artefacts are present. They are not, however, spirits.
Are these blue orbs surrounding Luzanne spirit manifestations of a spirit that resides within her. Or could they be the manifestations of many angels who bless her. This could be a mystery never solved or a mystery that will one day come to light.

Answer: none of the above.

The doll is for sale for $5,000.00 or best reasonable offer.

Then there's the Sleepy Baby dolls retrieved from a 'traumatic' traffic accident (what's a non-traumatic traffic accident?) with incredible powers:
I myself have experianced a strong vanillia smell since I bought this baby doll and the other one below. I've also experianced a gentle tugging on my clothes while I do dishes.

These dolls sold for $1275. P T Barnum would be pleased.

Finally, there's her treasured deceased grandfather's pipe. She tried to sell it on eBay, but her (dead) grandfather hid it to prevent this. He's obviously relented now, since it has reappeared. It's now up for purchase again (even though it's of "high sentimental value" and even though her grandfather manifested in two photos she took of the pipe - though EoR can't see this no matter how he squints at the really bad overexposed photos). A real snip at only $10,000! For a pipe! No wonder 5 Star Psychic states
Through his passing I was able to purchase a computer which is how I have survived financially since.

EoR wonders why she bothers with such small change when she can make $1,000,000 from James Randi with, apparently, no effort at all. Could it be (gasp) that she's a two-timing lying conniving fake? Could it be that she's a delusional sod sorely in need of psychiatric attention? But EoR would never believe that someone with a website and some expensive overpriced merchandise could be like that. Not a 'real' psychic anyway.

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