Monday, August 21, 2006

Wrapping Up Your Horse Problems

Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of TTEAM (The Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method - which espouses such things as a form of equine phrenology, Chau K'a or skin rolling, riding without a bridle, and woo treatments for colic including that old favourite "Rub or make circles on the skin above the anus, a point that releases gas.") has an amazing device to fix multiple problems with your horse.

The Body Wrap is a TTEAM tool for influencing a horse's behavior, increasing awareness and improving his performance. The Body Wrap is composed of two elastic bandages (for instance, Ace or Tensor) secured together. It is tied in a figure eight around the horse. Slight variations in the placement elicit different responses. The wrap maintains a constant connection with the body because it moves with the horse. This is particularly significant for horses with neurologic deficits because this continual sensory input encourages the rebuilding of the neural pathways.

EoR vaguely wonders how it is known that neural pathways have been rebuilt through the use of this device? Or is that just a magic woo wishful thinking statement? EoR suspects the latter since no studies appear to have been done. Indeed, a lot of the wonderful effects from this device seem like wishful thinking, relying on the observor's impressions:

It is very interesting to notice the subtle and dramatic changes that occur with the Body Wrap. For instance, a strung-out horse or one who is camped under suddenly takes on a more balanced stance, having "a leg at each corner." Or a horse's topline may change so that he looks "rounder." Or you may see more movement and engagement in the hindquarters.

You can also ride your horse with the Body Wrap on (if you don't mind the strange looks and whispered comments). At least the device is simple and cheap to make at home and, unlike the full-on marketers of natural horsemanship tools™, Ms Tellington-Jones doesn't appear to be selling the special brandname version.

Larger images can be seen here and here. Personally, EoR thinks the Body Wrap would look much nicer if it had a bow on top as well.

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  1. I want to be there for the rodeo the first time the "wrap" works its way up under a horse's tail. . . .


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