Saturday, August 05, 2006

Natural Vegan Horsemanship

Being a member of a fundamentalist religion can be trying at times, particularly when faced with deep and difficult questions of morality. Such as Is horseback riding vegan?.

A plea from cavy_girl resulted in answers ranging from "I guess for me it would come down to... is the horse happy?" to "I personally believe that riding horses is not a vegan activity... it either exploits the animal directly, or encourages the exploitation of futher animals." along with the obligatory passing paean of praise to Messrs Roberts and Parelli, and the horror stories about slaughterhouses ("its like something bizarre from a horror movie"). EoR wonders if these people realise that if everyone became vegan, there would be a huge trade in slaughtering all those redundant chickens, cows, sheep, goats and pigs?

And as for GeorgyGirl_1967, EoR was totally confused:

Wel, Rainbow Brites magical flying talking horse Starlite doesn't mind people riding him, he helps to save the world that way. Hes a very nice horse, he takes me places far away if i need him too.

So does that mean vegans can ride flying horses only?

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