Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Aid or Crystals?

The West Australian newspaper believes in hedging its bets. On Tuesdays it has its Mind&Body Supplement (aka Woo We Wish Was True), while on Wednesdays the Health+Medicine Supplement appears (note the sublte scientific distinction: '+' as opposed to '&').

The theme of H+M on 26 July 2006 was First Aid and, while a wealth of information about CPR and emergency first aid in various situations was provided, EoR is concerned that the information was seriously lacking in some vital areas.

Where was the advice on how to perform emergency acupuncture (do you just jab the needles in randomly and wildly, or must you know the exact location of every, variant, meridian)? In a case of first aid, is any homeopathic remedy better than none (or is it exactly the same)? How should you handle a sudden subluxation in a loved one prior to the Complementary Ambulance arriving? What happens if you run out of Rescue Remedy in your First Aid Kit? What magical gestures should you make if you suddenly encounter a psychic attack?

None of these frequently encountered situations was addressed (the article instead focusing on things such as stroke, epilepsy, diabetes and heart attack) and EoR now feels seriously unprepared to deal with a sudden health crisis.

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  1. "What magical gestures should you make if you suddenly encounter a psychic attack?"
    Basically, the "Universal Wipe" (as I like to call it) is not unlike the motions performed after walking into a spider's web. While there are personal variations, I generally make a short, loud noise, jump back and whirl my arms around my head and torso, sometimes including a full or half turn. This will disengage any psychic attack by ruffling your ki and combing your aura at the same time. Also, you need to spit a couple times to keep the your quanta organized.


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