Sunday, August 20, 2006

Unfathomable Queries

In the Guardian Weekly issue of Apr 28 - May 4, 2006, reader Richard Linton posed this question in the Notes and Queries section (where readers ask those niggling questions that have always bothered them, and other readers provide their answers).
In reflexology, which part of the foot represents the foot?

Sadly, to date there has been no response. Maybe the reflexologists are just too busy to answer. And EoR was going to ask the follow-up question: "In iridology, which part of the iris represents the iris?".


  1. Isn't it obivious?

    The rest of the body represents the feet!

  2. That gets me wondering: In iridology, what part of the iris represents the iris?

  3. In fact I _did_ submit an answer on 19th April, which the Grauniad did not see fit to print. Here it is, FWIW:

    "Perhaps surprisingly, there must be a point on the foot that represents itself. This follows from the Brouwer fixed-point theorem in topology, and is analogous to the point marked "You are here" on a map in an airport terminal.

    Stimulating this point should make it better."

    Nigel Greenwood

  4. At last EoR can sleep easy at night. But, hang on, does this imply a conspiracy between The Guardian and reflexologists?


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