Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mr Gumby On Alternative Therapies

Mr Gumby!!!![Mr Gumby is standing behind a desk on which are various objects of altie goodness - crystals, homeopathic pills, acupuncture needles etc. Caption: Mr Gumby on Alternative Therapies]

Mr Gumby: Alternative therapies are NICE! You can cure ANYTHING!! Ooohhh! By quantum ENERGY!

Mr A. N. Other-Gumby [walking into scene]: But science shows. Oooh. IT DOESN'T WORK!!

Mr Gumby: No! It works! [picks up large hammer and begins beating desk, walls, Mr A. N. Other-Gumby etc] I can fit inconvenient FACTS EASILY into my THEORY!! Ooohhh! Get in!! Aaaargh!

[The desk is destroyed. The walls have large holes in them. Mr A. N. Other-Gumby is rendered unconscious.]

Mr Gumby: See! It all FITS!! Now. Who has CANCER!!!

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