Friday, August 04, 2006

The Reiki Guide to Car Maintenance

Nova for August has a book review of The Reiki Guide: 200 questions and answers for beginners by Lawrence Ellyard.

Apparently reiki is shunned as boring and not new enough for the trendy (or is that fickle?) newager.

Reiki has become a household word. Nearly every healing practitioner today seems to have completed a Reiki course. There are dozens of people offering Reiki empowerments and it's almost a case that Reiki has become so familiar and second nature in healing circles that it's overlooked and seen as old hat.

Which, presumably, is why GPs don't use it as often as they could, particularly given its amazing healing abilities. The book answers all those questions about Reiki you've always wanted to ask but had been afraid to. Such as "Why do I need to keep my eyes closed." That's easy! Have you ever seen a reikiist waving their hands around, washing off that invisible naughty toxic energy? If EoR had his eyes open he'd laugh out loud. Very disconcerting during the healing process.

I now know Reiki can be given through the eyes and breath and was reminded about the application of giving Reiki energy to the petrol as it goes into my car, to increase the energy of it. Lawrence is sure it makes the petrol go further and I have no doubt he is right!

Strangely, EoR does have some doubts about this claim, but it should be easily testable, and could even be worth $1,000,000. That's an awful lot of petrol you could buy, particularly when it becomes transformed into superenergy go-further magic petrol™. And Mr Ellyard could take a break from flogging fiction as fact.

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