Sunday, August 27, 2006

Willesee and God

For those interested in pursuing the madness of journalists who have passed their use-by date, here are a few links concerning Mike Willesee and his personal, rational relationship with God.

Mr Willesee's appearance on Enough Rope receives a mention in James Randi's latest newsletter (EoR admits to being the anonymous correspondent, though he did provide his name) where Mr Randi makes it clear he has never given Mr Willesee any prize, contrary to Mr Willesee's claim on national television (but why would someone who claims to have rational proof of God want to worry about facts or accuracy?) though Mr Willesee did receive a prize from CSICOP nineteen years ago. More details about that prize and "Signs from God" are also covered by Mr Randi here and at CSICOP.

Mr Willesee is, in fact, a multi-award winning journalist. He was also the proud recipient of the Australian Skeptics' 1999 Bent Spoon:

When it came to voting, the strong last minute run by the programme, Signs from God (9 Network), fronted by the formerly sceptical journalist, Michael Willesee, could not be ignored by the judges, and he was adjudged the very deserving winner.

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