Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Journey To Babel

As yesterday's post showed, the line between satire and truth on the net is fluid, permeable, and often hard to define or detect. EoR can't decide if the woo du jour is fake or real, but it certainly fills a gap in the educational system that governments have neglected for far too long. There must be countless young people out there considering what career path to follow, and many of those aspirants have been thwarted in their dreams by the lack of a suitable educational institution to further their goals. Until now. The Exopolitics Institute can help you get that dream job of extraterrestrial ambassador.

The certification program offers a three-tiered system of courses and seminars that each culminate in an Exopolitics certificate or diploma.
  • Exopolitics Certificate - Entry level certification provides the core conceptual understanding so you have basic competency in writing about, researching or investigating exopolitical issues.

  • Galactic Diplomacy Certificate - Second level of certification provides both the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practice citizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs.

  • Exopolitics Diploma - Third level certification designed for those intending to teach or train others in exopolitics.

You will become competent in such subjects as "Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations", "From Egypt to Mars: History of UFO's", and "Extraterrestrial and Developing the Road to Disclosure - Quantum Cosmology". And it even costs less than $US2000! Here's Citizen Diplomacy:

Exopolitics 102 - Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials

This course examines examines the key principles of 'galactic diplomacy' at the unofficial level, as a form of 'track two' or 'citizen diplomacy' aimed at establishing contact and communications with different extraterrestrial races. The course analyses the nature of diplomatic representation on Earth that might be recognized by various extraterrestrial races. Particular focus will be on the representative status of different global constituencies such as politically organized humanity, cetaceans, alleged subterranean civilizations, and the role of Earth or 'Gaia' as a living organism. The course examines the need for 'citizen diplomacy' with extaterrestrials as a means of complementing official diplomatic relations between major nations and extraterrestrial races. Finally, the course examines how national security agencies will respond to 'citizen diplomacy' between private citizens/groups with extraterrestrials in terms of four key challenges confronting the practice of this form of diplomacy: 1. the extent of private communications and interactions with extraterrestrial races; 2. the coercive resources of shadow government agencies; 3. the degree to which extraterrestrial races may manipulate citizens engaging in track two galactic diplomacy; and 4. implications of initiatives and agreements reached through citizen diplomacy with extraterrestrials.

In fourteen weeks you can learn all that as well as "Galactic History"! EoR really, however, wants to know what the practical assessment involves.

However, some of the curriculum will need urgent revising, since Galactic Awareness with the Dolphins will now need to become Galactic Awareness with the Goldfish.

Angelika, an experienced multidimensional telepath, clairvoyant and contactee, will guide the group through a process of inner expansion of mind, energy, spirit and consciousness to reach into the higher realms to share that information, along with energetic downloads, healings, messages and more. Dr. Michael Salla will discuss the process of interacting with dolphins and how this is indispensable to the work of gaining the confidence and skills to interact with star beings on all levels.

Angelika has more to say about the role of dolphins in extraterrestrial affairs.:

Inspiring work done by those in the field of dolphin communications such as Joan Ocean report that dolphins are not only telepathic and empathic beings, but multi-dimensional travelers who have seeded themselves upon this world and are able to attune to and transverse into higher vibrational densities. Practiced intuitive people are able to verify this information by clairvoyantly, telepathically or empathetically tuning into the energetic frequency of the dolphins and experience cohesive glimpses of this other reality one without time and spatial limitations as we understand them, and one of 'pod consciousness' in which there is a oneness of being that connects all dolphin minds together in a synchronized fusion. Many other benevolent ET races occupy these higher frequency planes called the 4th and 5th dimensions, and are currently in communication with many humans around the globe both physically and telepathically. Consequently this becomes one of the many ways that our cetacean friends are teaching us how to expand our scope beyond the limitations of three dimensional reality.

Does anyone comprehend what "transverse into higher vibrational densities" means? Apart from dolphins, of course. In this magical dream realm, dolphins will lead us poor, limited, unintelligent humans into the brave new world of woo confusion:

Because the dolphins are very intuitively advanced, being in their energy fields (swimming with them) stimulates and enhances one's own inner talents in the areas of clairvoyance, telepathy, clairsentience and empathy, even if these potentials are hidden or undeveloped. Also, the dolphins work with those humans who are open to assistance and will use their sonar like a laser in surgery to unlock blockages which may lie within your emotion, mental, physical and etheric light bodies. They truly are here to help and guide us a part of our journey to personal empowerment.

Just as Angelika and her husband appear to be here to help and guide us as a part of our journey to financially empower Angelika and her husband with our money.

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