Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Giant UFO Built Yowie Pyramids of Bullshit

July's issue of Nova is just so full of woolly woo wooness that EoR could go on for days about it. Instead, he'll focus on one article: "Sacred Egypt".

EoR is loath to call alties nutters (even though many of them are either that or blatant scammers - or both) but Dian [sic] Booth who is featured in this article, is the full and genuine article. Anyone who spouted the nonsense she does here in polite society would immediately warrant a call to the Psychiatric Emergency Team.

Sound healer and concert violinist, Dian Booth, is another who visits Egypt regularly with an annual "sing the song of the sacred Nile" tour. She says that most people who come on her journey are remembering previous lives in Egypt and connecting and healing anything that needs healing. "If they have Egyptian and Australian connections, my role is to be bringing into consciousness the energetic and spiritual connections, particularly between Central Australia and Egypt. There's quite a bit of evidence the Egyptians were in Australia and, energetically, there are definitely pyramids dotted all over Australia. There's also a strong connection between Uluru and the Giza Plateau," says Dian. And in support of her claim, a series of books written by Rex Gilroy contains many photos and other evidence about the presence of the Egyptians in Australia. And, recently, the tomb of a minor Egyptian prince was discovered in the Hunter Valley.

Another Egyptowoo nutter (Donna Simimiuc) makes claims that are almost pathetic.

"One of the clients had toothache, but after the healing in one of the temples, two hours later, he said his toothache had gone."

So, not at the time of the healing, but later, this particular gentleman said his toothache had gone. While EoR realises dentists charge like the proverbial wounded bull, he's sure a quick trip to the local tooth doctor would have been far cheaper and more effective than going all the way to Egypt.

Back to Dian who provides further proof of her total detachment from reality.

Sound and Colour are together an extraordinarily powerful healing modality, much used in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt. Dian spontaneously accesses past life knowledge as a Master Sound Healer in the Court of Akhenaton in Egypt and combines it with vibrational knowledge from Higher Dimensions and Other Worlds.

She further claims

She also has access to Sound and Colour knowledge from nameless other worlds in this galaxy.

EoR bets they're nameless!

She also sells CDs

created in the 5th Dimension, which gives it the potential to change its character on different occasions, depending on the specific need of the listener.

She also claims to be able to "treat" (note, not "cure"; the meaning of "treat" in this context is deliberately left vague and meaningless) "diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, muscular pain, injury and blocked energy at all levels".

And as for all those pyramids dotted all over Australia, and which all Australians would be familiar with... Given her sole reference is the equally nutty Rex Gilroy her claims to all sorts of miracles seem very shaky indeed. Mr Gilroy is an "open-minded researcher" (so openminded his cognitive faculties appear to have fallen out) who believes in yowies (Australian cousins of Bigfoot), big cats in the outback, pyramids in the Pacific, 25 foot tall ancestral humans, UFOs, alien abductions, an underground world in the Blue Mountains and a giant space station orbitting Earth, and "URU, the Lost Civilization of Australia". According to Mr Gilroy, Australia in the past was busier than LAX, being visited by "Arabs, Celts, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Inca's, Phoenicians, Portuguese, Scandinavians, Spanish, Vikings".

Others might think Mr Gilroy is a proud purveyor of bullshit, including, apparently, many archaeologists and egyptologists (unless the lost Egyptian who left hieroglyphs in Australia was illiterate, had no understanding of Egyptian grammar, and was sorely confused about Egyptian history), but EoR finds the national broadcaster is, as ever, ready to support the lunatic fringe with Eor's taxes.

It is because of my scientific approach that I've come up with the truth.

That "scientific approach" must also include the "psychic flashes" he mentions.


  1. hee hee! thanks for the links to some of the most amusing bullshit i've read for ages.

    Are you like an Australian James Randi?

  2. Oh no! Just an Australian who is bemused at the proliferation of woo.

  3. I think you were a little misled by Dian's tortured grammar. Look at that first quote carefully. You will see that the very difficult 'energetically' has to be an adverb modifing the following clause. So she is claiming that the numerous pyramids of Austrailia exist only in the form of energy. That's why you can't see them--your negative skeptical vibrations are blocking your view.

  4. You know, after reading this piece, I thought to myself: I ought to subscribe to Nova. Then I'd never lack for material for Your Friday Dose of Woo.

    Oh, wait; it's an Australian magazine. Oh, well, there's always the website...

  5. Hi

    What a rant...

    For a start why would you link Rex Gilroy to that person!!! because she mentions his books..? Also most of the links are to other people not even connected with Rex.

    You have not met Mr Gilroy, have not seen his evidence unless it was on the net and you claim he is a nutter, amongst other defaming comments.

    I have seen scientists drool over his skull collection at ANU and they(Australian National University) asked for two of his skulls for reviews.

    Have you heard of internet laws, defemation is now a law in Australia and most of the world.

    The law states "it is not the country of origin of the article /blog etc..but the country of which the article/blog is read".

    The net is NOT fair game for attacks on anyone..

    You claim to know more than you do!!!!As I have said using the name Nutter etc...shows your total lack of anything but your own worth.

    I have sent this to Mr Gilroy and elsewhewre, people like you are one reason the internet has a bad name.

    The old net of defaming anyone because you can is long gone mate!

    Deepest regards

    You should change this to "What do I know", as you nothing on Australia at all!!

  6. "hells angel president" - that's a good one. Great sense of humour!

    EoR did not call Mr Gilroy a "nutter". Read the article.

    Australian defamation laws provide for a defence of fair/reasonable comment based on facts and honestly held beliefs. That's defamation, not defemation.

    Is there a problem with the herbs?

  7. UMm.. I thilk it tis you who should read your own spiels!!

    nutty Rex Gilroy you wrote-Where does it not say nutter again-nutter-nutty no difference??

    Actually I know common law in Australia it was revised in 2004 to deal with this very problem on the internet.

    The new law states-The internet does not allow you the right to defame, demean,harass, villify or hearby accuse anyone of a crime of which that person or person[s]has not been charged with.

    Also another paragraph states" The content of such harrassment or vilification shall not be from where the article was written but covers countries where the said content was read.

    This came into being in Australia after The Jewish Mining Magnate sued the online version of the New York Times which repeated claims as you are doing on your blog.

    You claim FACTS what facts are these?? A book you read or something?

    By the way Rex Gilroy has never claimed in any book or article that the Egyptians built pyramids (such as in Egypt)as you are trying to claim.

    What Rex has stated is that these hills have been fashioned/utilised on the summits and certain areas around the hills.Pyramydal mountain or pyramydal hills not Pyramids in the true sense.

    Completely different to what your claiming!

    No their is a problem with your wording of so called FACTS.

  8. Nutter: "Brit. informal a mad or eccentric person"

    Nutty: "informal a crazy or eccentric person"

  9. Q: What's worse than a troll?
    A: A stupid, illiterate troll.

    @anonymous: Gilroy's reference to Egyptians in Australia is in a quote from Nova magazine. Perhaps you should contact them directly. They seem to like your type (uneducated, illiterate, illogical, embittered, lonely).

    Crystalinks also thinks Mr Gilroy said there were Egyptians in Australia: "According to Rex Gilroy, the man who discovered the pyramid and who runs the museum, it was created by Egyptians who had mining operations in Australia centuries ago, with bases of operation reaching as far as the Blue Mountains in New South Wales". Perhaps you should contact them and point out their error in understanding?

    Wikipedia repeat the infamous lie about Mr Gilroy: "Rex Gilroy, who is said to operate a museum devoted to the Gympie Pyramid, reportedly claimed that the "Pyramid" was created by Egyptians who had mining operations in Australia centuries ago". Perhaps you should contact them and point out how wrong they are?

    Even your hero, Mr Gilroy, is apparently mistakenly stating that Mr Gilroy believes Egyptians came to Australia: "So it seems reasonable to assume that Egyptian mariners reached our shores, often remained here for considerable lengths of time, and also established colonies for their often joint mining operations.". Perhaps you should contact him to point out he is espousing a view he does not hold?

  10. Oh I do love this, if you search hard on the Internet there are suppossed to be several pryamid remants and the ruins of an ancient phoenician port in Australia. Isn't that amazing! They spent all that time here and didn't leave a single date palm, emmer wheat, donkeys, pottery sherds, bronze tools or skeletons how environmentally sensitive of them! If only we were so thoughtful pity about the foxes and cane toads.


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