Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What is it Lassie? Timmy's in Trouble? Woof! Bark! Woof!

Why is it dogs have no trouble communicating in lengthy sentences in English? EoR thought their vocabulary consisted of woof, bark and growl.

Apparently not if this week's episode of Speaking in Tongues (video podcast here) was any evidence, featuring animal communicator Deb McBride.

Mr Safran posed various questions to Father Bob's poodle, who then proceeded to provide salient and sound answers via the mediumship of Ms McBride (at all times maintaining his doggy insouciance and evincing no signs of straining). Really testable things were asked like "Does he think Father Bob is a better person since appearing with John Safran"? Why didn't he get asked questions like "What colour is Father Bob's wallpaper?", "What brand of doggy food do you get fed?", or "What book is Father Bob reading at the moment?". Sadly these must have been too taxing.

Ms McBride explained something about "vibrations" but EoR failed to fully comprehend her. Perhaps she was referring to the spinning of her brain in her skull.

But her powers are real, as the testimonials on her site demonstrate, such as this one:
I used to make jokes about how 'dumb' I thought my horse Ben was. Well that all changed after I hired Deb McBride to come 'speak' for him and our dogs one day in May 2005. Ben had amazing insight into me, he told me 'to give up my perfectionism' and that 'harmony only came from acceptance'. Pretty profound for a horse, little did I know how wise he was.

Actually, EoR thinks that is pretty nebulous and inane. This woman needed a horse to tell her that? How sad. Though I guess at $A50 an hour, this woman is at the lower end of the scamming scale these days. Then again, there's always someone distraught enough to be conned easily by these soothing but fatuous misrepresentations.

EoR, however, always admires a psychic who has the courage to stand up and admit the true source of their powers. Take Gretchen Kunz - Animal Communicator.

Not only is she a Reiki master, not only does she have a webpage authored by her cat ("Your Kitty Mentor"), not only does she have a psychic radio set:
Similar to radio waves, which are invisible to our eyes, telepathic communication, which is a wavelength of energy, is happening all the time. We just have to be able to adjust to turn into the right "frequency" to receive the animals' messages.

but she also has the courage of her convictions:
Are you a nutcase?
Quite possibly.


What is your training, anyway? Do you have a certificate, or anything?
There are all sorts of modalities you can get certificates in, and I'm certainly "certifiable" (ba-dump-bump!).

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