Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Truth About Australia

Awareness Quests is one of those sites that foul the muddy waters of the internet: conspiracy theorists hiding out in the backwoods somewhere, and who are the only ones who know The Truth (and who, for some reason, haven't been silenced like everyone else). Oh, and really bad web design yet again (what is it with these people - just because their brains are scrambled, can't they use a colour scheme that's at least readable and doesn't leave the eyeballs bleeding after five minutes?).

Laughingly referred to as research, they provide a credulous list of unconfirmed, bizarre and contradictory claims.

The very first example is an "iron priest's staff" of unknown provenance and dubious identification. But at least there's a photo so you can see the miraculous
recognisable face with a hat

or not, as the case may be. And even if there is a face there (which EoR couldn't see), what's the point?

Next up is the "ancient chariot axle" (unknown provenance, dubious identification - does EoR sound like a broken record?) which
washed up after heavy seas

Call EoR stupid, but wouldn't an iron axle sink in seas (heavy or not)?

EoR doesn't have the endurance to go through all the other examples given, other than to point out mysterious aphoristical gems like
An onyx scarab was unearthed near Kingaroy (Qld) many years ago.

The point being? Then there's the
Perth (WA) hinterland, where 1975 selsmic readings indicated a 167 metre high pyramid 5 kilometres underground.

EoR got a bit confused (as he often does when he tries to understand the mysterious world of alternative anything) as to whether it was the Egyptians, or the Phoenicians, or the Russians, or the Megalithic Civilization, or the Lemurians (all of whom were roaming Australia in the past, apparently) who built this, but he wonders why they built it five kilometres underground? Wouldn't it have made more sense to build it above ground?
Egyptian heiroglyphs found carved on a 3 - 4ft long stone. Taken away by WA museum and stored in basement

So, all the scientists at the museum are hiding the Awful Truth, rather than making their fame and fortune by demonstrating proof that Australia is actually an Egyptian colony? EoR thinks not.

There's even more on the Gympie page (apparently, most ancient civilizations and explorers and colonists all gravitated towards Gympie), including the "Gympie Ape"
A stone ape statue possibility 3000 years old. The statue was unearthed in 1966 on Mr Dal K. Berrys Wolvi Rd property. The ape is made of conglomerate iron stone and shows a squatting ape figure. It is believed to represent the Egyptian God "Thoth" in ape form.

Believed by whom? Raving loony conspiracy theorists? Or people who think it looks like a rock?

Or is it the raving loony conspiracy theorists with rocks in their heads?


  1. you relish in your own ego...

    When if you looked at the BIG picture you wouold see the truth is all about an Earth Careen Theory, maybe you should do a bit of research and educate yourself oh wise one. There are many things the "Governments" AKA HUGE corporations maintain secret and its all because its just not good for business. All in all there are answers for you my fellow researcher, ya just have to keep an open mind and look in the right places. CAREEN: The third geologic evolution....hint hint.

  2. How about "fact fact" instead? Please elucidate EoR about all the secrets you know about but can't mention. SPIN: the fourth intellectual revolution.


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