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Okonics 4

Chapter Nine deals with Human Intelligence, something that seems to have been lacking from the book so far.

In the magical mumbo-jumbo filled world of Ms Schulze, humans aren't intelligent or not -
This chapter is to tell you about the many different intelligences and how they can help you to heal. There are over ten types of intelligence. At school we learn the rational sides of two types of intelligence - Mathematical and Communication. There is some art, music and sport; these are also mostly limited to the rational.

At least Ms Schulze is admitting that her methods are irrational, though EoR thinks these 'intelligences' are really just skills. Having just said there are more than ten 'intelligences', the next page lists The Eleven Plus Intelligences. They're increasing by the minute! In fact,
I believe this is incomplete and will continue to grow as humanity grows.

These eleven+ 'intelligences' are the sort of things that you'll hear at any management/newage workshop: communication, mathematical, financial, emotional, relationship, divine/spiritual, physical, intuitive or street-wise, nature, artistic and social or community. But it doesn't stop there. No, there are Intelligences from Other Cultures. Such well known and documented facts as
Telepathy - Some cultures have the natural ability to use telepathy in their normal daily lives.

Go on, Ms Schulze, name one. Just one. Please. Oh, and Atlantis isn't acceptable.

Then there are 'intelligences' such as astral travel, conscious control of basic body functions, firewalking and eating, and directly viewing the Universal Energy field.

This is all straight out of the Woo Manual from the section "If only it really were true...". Though EoR does give Ms Schulze credit for having waited until page 55 before she parrots the 'P' word:
Using this intelligence Paradigm we can then look at different Medicine Styles and see their strengths and weaknesses. To really heal yourself, training your intelligence and being aware and using the OKONICS system is the way to go!

EoR has always enjoyed a good Paradigm shift, though it's much more fun when it's combined with a quantum physical energy field.

Chapter Ten addresses Eastern and Western Healing.
General Practitioners are trained to write out prescriptions so in the main they will offer you drugs. Surgeons are trained to heal using surgery; what do you expect them to offer you if you go and see them?

Magic juju practitioners are trained to bedazzle and bamboozle. What do you expect them to offer you if you go and see them?
In the East the body is balanced so that there are no blockages or oversupply of energy.

The only trouble with this is that no one has ever defined, seen or measured these blockages and energies, other than as a metaphysical or religious concept (which therefore implies faith, not evidence).

Ms Schulze contrasts Eastern and Western approaches by looking at a hypothetical group of 25 people with diabetes. In the East there would be 25 different treatments (but doesn't it all get so confusing? so many people, so many illnesses, so many treatments...) while in the West the 25 would get "pretty much" the same treatment. Well, no. Treatment would be assessed on the stage of the disease, the patient's age and condition, any cofactors and a number of other indicators. But Ms Schulze obviously isn't really all that interested in truth (however she might define it) when it might spoil a good piece of fiction.

Strangely, Ms Schulze does not recommened abandoning Western medicine altogether, though she does warn that Western drugs are "usually toxic with side effects". As if herbs are never toxic, and have no side affects. The contents of herbal supplements aren't even regulated.
In the OKONICS system, usually the Western approach will help in Stage One, the crisis stage. When the crisis has passed, slowly introducing the Eastern approach will balance the body/mind.

In other words, if something is actually wrong, seek real treatment. You can go to all the sayers of sooth you like after you're better.

Chapter Ten praises Kahuna Healing and seems a strange late afterthought. It explains the five intelligences (only five?) that this 'system' uses, and that a cure is effected through the use of long chats, colours, exercises, herbs and rituals "that honour Mother Earth". Nothing new there, and EoR wonders why she even bothered giving these particular infestation of magicians a separate chapter.

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