Saturday, January 28, 2006

Being Had in This Life

EoR recently wrote about showjumper Tim Stockdale's disbelief in horse psychics in Horse and Rider magazine.

Predictably, the latest issue has a riposte from the alternatistas. Reader R Hirst, BHSAI and equine and human Bowen therapist, writes
What I would like to say to Tim Stockdale is that there are a large number of professional therapists out there that have undertaken years of rigorous training and taken lessons at their own, often great, financial expense.

EoR agrees. They're called veterinarians.

Presumably, this is the same R Hirst who, with her business partner, runs the tweely titled Holistic Horsey Website where it is revealed that she practices such well proven therapies as "Saddle Awareness" (whatever that is), Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy, Reiki and Bowen.

Sadly, none of these 'therapies' has any basis to their effectiveness. Indeed, these practitioners
are always keen to view the 'bigger' picture when presented with a case and realise that with this type of work the ability for learning is an on-going process. Intuition also plays a huge part in their role as a Bowen therapist, with sense of humour coming close behind!

To EoR's mind, this seems to state that: they don't know what they're doing; they guess what's wrong; they laugh all the way to the bank.

This deception is not limited to dumb animals:
As well as my complementary therapy clinic I also worked part time at my local Hospice as a therapist for the terminally ill which I enjoyed immensely.

Apparently, however, she's not interested in curing any ailments, as her goal is 'holistic' health (which is usefully left undefined):
I feel if mental and emotional issues are worked upon as well as the physical symptoms, then usually 'holistic' health will be achieved.

Unfortunately, much as Ms Hirst might wish, paying lots of money for sham qualifications doesn't mean you're an effective health practitioner. It just means you're an ineffective health practitioner with a nice piece of paper.

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