Saturday, January 21, 2006

Psychic Diana - Slight Return 2

More from Psychic Diana (who realised her incredible powers when she dropped a a tray of cookies, and who practices Pendulance - EoR doesn't know what that is, but it sounds painful). In the wacky world of Psychic Diana, who is an Online Psychic, she is
Able to read emotions simply by touch
Does Readings by hand, and can feel if anything is not right in your life, or you possess some sort of injury.
Able to identify past pains and traumas by touch of hand

Online? How does she do all this amazing witchery online? Do you need to be sitting at the next computer terminal from her so she can reach out and touch you? EoR is stunned. Of course
Psychic Predictions are always correct.

Well, Access Positive (who seem to be the copyright holders for this abomination and fraud): Psychic Diana is hardly ever correct, except when using the amazing psychic power of hindsight. In other words, Psychic Diana, and the people behind her, are guilty of deception and misrepresentation, presumably for monetary gain from the credulous.

Of course, if these liars were 100% accurate, the whole cheating organisation would be moving out of Australia immediately, given some of the earth-shattering predictions Psychic Hope has for 2006 (all grammar and spelling maintained to show the very poor quality of this stuff:
Psychic Hope predicts that Prime Minister John Howard,more threats on his life. A bullet comes close.

This year the people of Oz will need all the strength and courage that they can muster. It is a time where we see more and more people dissatisfied with what is happenning to our civil rights. The law society confronts the Govenment on the ethical side of new laws pasted.

We will see escalations in racial,industrial,and environmental riots this country has ever seen before.

Sydney has a terrorist attack in the middle of the CBD.

Earthquake rocks the east coast of NSW.

Western Australia has unusually high tidal activity the causes the coastline to change dramatically.

Great concerns for the East coast as the coast line changes due to weather conditions.


Townville rocks from an earthquake.

Psychic Hope presdicts many changes will occur through out the WORLD in 2006

Wars escalate. More and more people speak out of the injustices and crimes of wars. Sadam Hassin is sentenced to prison, for te rest of his life.

The Avian flu takes hold in China and spreads through the world.

Another Tsunami in the Indonesia and Philippines areas.

Volcanoes in Hawaii and Europe create devastation.

New Zealand voted one of the safest countries to live in the world.

Look for Access Positive to be moving to New Zealand almost any day now...


  1. Townville rocks from an earthquake.

    We need the Powerpuff Girls!

  2. Ha ha, you're just jealous of us NZers!


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