Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Holisticbeats: All the Woo that Fits

Some more from the current issue of holisticbeats.

Laminitis is a painful inflammation of the laminae in the horse's feet. In a sidebar to an article on this condition EoR is advised
The barefoot trimming approach to founder recommends regular trims - that is, every few days during acute stages, followed by weekly and fortnightly maintenance. [...] Long term use of painkilling medication is another principle not supported by this method, as many of these drugs are considered contradictory in their effects.

ie the more drugs you use the less money you have for the daily fleecing. Since horse's feet are usually trimmed every six to eight weeks, daily trims must be a nice little money spinner (can anyone even detect a day's hoof growth?). I won't bother detailing the reader anecdote about how this 'method' cured her laminitic pony (along with Bowen Therapy, of course). You know the routine. And why are painkilling drugs 'contradictory' in their approach? Because they reduce pain?

EoR is also rather confused about the news item "Vet Fined for Misconduct", telling the sorry tale of a vet who failed to care properly for a cat with diabetes which subsequently died. It concludes
The animal-owning public needs to be assured that their vet maintains professional levels of competence.

EoR doesn't understand how this relates to the stated purpose of the magazine: "riding, training, horsekeeping" unless the postmodernist 'narrative' here is

Of course, how many Bowen Therapists have ever been fined for misconduct? Apart from the ones fined by the courts for 'improper' behaviour, that is. Where is the professional level of conduct from the shysters supported by this magazine performing reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal treatments? Of course there is none, but the message seems to be not to worry since these people are all holistic, newage, natural, gentle and apparently can do now wrong. Oh, and all charlatans.

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