Monday, January 02, 2006

Okonics 1

Quick quiz: which newage therapy is this:
It is a new paradigm for healing that puts you back in control of your health and happiness, by opening awareness to areas of your life where you can make positive changes towards your health and happiness. It also shows you where you are on your healing path and how much you can expect to seek at that stage.

Give up? EoR admits it isn't easy, since that description could be any of the countless alternative healing methods promoted by thousands of voodoo healers. In fact, this is the new therapy of Okonics, developed by Manipulative Therapist (EoR loves that description - there's no way you could sue someone under the Trade Practices Act with that sort of title) and Kinesiologist Wendy Schulze (EoR is a little loath to promote her website since, when he visited it, it had only had 36 hits).
The OKONICS system will teach you to become fully healed

A bold claim indeed.

EoR recently came into possession of a copy of her rather slim volume Okonics! Goodbye Chronic Pain - Why most treatments don't work and what to do about it. EoR hastens to add that he did not pay money for this, but obtained it through the agency of a guardian angel.

EoR is concerned that of the three testimonials on the back cover, one states
Although I am still in pain I could not have imagined this level of improvement when I first arrived for treatment.

Hang on... Front cover: "Goodbye Chronic Pain". Back cover: "Although I am still in pain". You'd think she could have at least found one more fulminating paean to her magic instead of that wishy-washy failure of her claims...

At 90 pages, with lots of big print, and cute cartoons of what appears to be Casper the Friendly Ghost, it's a fine example of the woolly thinking and deranged ideas of the newage goddess.

Chapter One is The Truth.
You will think that some of what I say is not the truth. You will be right and at the same time so will I.

Yeah, right. The postmodernist fallacy that everything is true, especially contradictory 'truths'.
Perhaps the brain is not the centre of thought. We are yet to find the truth on that.

No, Wendy, you are yet to find the 'truth' on that. EoR is sick of this nebulous etheric 'intelligence'. Please have your brain surgically removed, Wendy, and see how well you think (actually, probably not much different to how you seem to be thinking now).
So, what is a definition for truth? The truth constantly changes as you gather more information.

Well, EoR congratulates the intent to gather information (though he suspects Ms Schulze has stopped long ago except for anecdotes that might support her claims) but the truth does not change. We get a better understanding of the truth, we gather more parts of the truth, but the truth doesn't change. The Copernican system of the universe didn't mean that all the planets suddenly changed their orbits - only that we understood the truth more accurately. It's only by destroying definitions of what 'truth' is that these charlatans can claim any reality to their dream worlds.
In the West the truth of healing is whatever someone has published in a Medical Journal

Wrong again, Wendy. Whatever is published in a Medical Journal certainly has a higher likelihood of having evidence to support it (there's that 'e' word that these juju doctors hate), but it is then available to be examined, replicated and confirmed (or denied).

The chapter concludes
This book helps with a few clues about getting closer to the truth of healing.

Aaaargghh! I thought Ms Schulze's whole point was that there was no truth!

EoR will be commenting further on this gem of an illogical fantasy book when he's recovered from Chapter One (still to come: the eleven intelligences, telepathy and kahuna healing).

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