Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Okonics 5

The final part of OKONICS! Goodbye Chronic Pain is a bit of autobiography by Wendy Schulze.

While initially trained as a physiotherapist, Ms Schulze found
My Physiotherapy training also didn't teach me the heart of healing so I decided I would look for a discipline where I could combine a strong science method with my humanity. I was then introduced to Kinesiology and found that it bridged this gap.

Apparently, a "strong science method" means believing anything that ends in "ology" and has no evidence for its methods or efficacy.

When she was 25 Ms Schulze had what she terms a "quarter of a century crisis". She was depressed. She was miserable. She was unhappy. Until she drove past a woman parked at the side of the road:
Beside the road was a parked car, a battered old station wagon. Inside the car were lots of children, crawling over the seats, spilling out of the windows, fighting and laughing. Getting into the driver's seat was a large, motherly woman dressed in rags. This woman was my saviour; she was an angel (in disguise - they are everywhere), for she alone started my path to freedom and joy. It was the expression on her face. She was laughing. Not just laughing she had the energy of contentment emanating from her being. Despite everything, she was living and loving life. The contrasts between us were too great. In an instant I sped by this scene and from then on I decided to take charge and change. My angel had cast her spell on me.

Ms Schulze got rid of her husband and went travelling. This made her a stronger woman. Literally. She recounts the tale of what happened when she walked down a deserted street late at night:
Suddenly half a block ahead a man popped his head around the next corner and looked directly at me, our eyes locked. He then started to run towards me at full speed. There were just the two of us and the hollow sound of his feet hitting the tarmac. I intuitively knew that it would be dangerous to run so I calmly walked on looking directly at him as he ran directly towards me. I was thinking, "This is it, this is the end, there is no way out of this one." When he was two feet from me some mysterious force deflected him to the extent that his face became deformed as though it was pushing against glass. His body was flung sideways without me lifting a finger. He looked puzzled and then ran on.

The amazing insight that this incredible psychic event led to was that
I am now more careful about where and when I walk!

When she returned to Australia Ms Schulze was fatigued. She saw doctors who variously diagnosed depression and said she needed psychiatric help. Not liking these diagnoses, Ms Schulze determined that she
needed to be more aware when choosing a Professional to consult.

So, if you don't like the diagnosis, keep trying until you find one you like. Just after a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (which seemed to please her), Ms Schulze demonstrated what a debilitating condition this is:
Just after my chronic fatigue diagnosis I travelled to Egypt and hitched through the desert, first the Western Sahara and then the Sinai. It became obvious to me how chemicals and pollution affected my energy levels as I moved from purity of desert villages and back again to the cities.

From here, it all goes downhill a bit. An Italian man introduced her to the books of Carlos Castaneda which "opened my mind". She went to a Reverend and his wife for a faith healing.
They prayed over me in "tongues", it sounded like ancient Italian.

Maybe she means Latin. It only took ten minutes and
from that moment on I was healed of Chronic Fatigue.

Thank you Lord! Thank you Jay-sus! Thank you Angels! Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster!

So why is she selling her OKONICS system? Shouldn't she be promoting faith healing? Assuming there's a difference, of course. EoR presumes Ms Schulze doesn't speak in tongues, though it wouldn't surprise him if she did. Ms Schulze's Conculsion [sic]:
You can get back to a vitality you haven't felt for years by learning more about each of the intelligences. Take some time and see what you worry about the most. This is the area to start learning about how to free up your healing vitality. My next book is all about the intelligences and how they can be used to create healing and joy in your life.

And what is EoR's Conculsion?

OKONICS is a mish-mash of newage platitudes thrown into the melting pot of management seminars, stirred vigourously, and the muck carefully retrieved off the top. There's nothing new here, nothing you haven't heard in a thousand other newage and spiritualist feelgood books. In fact, the only things of any (flimsy) substance, can be gained much more clearly and easily from sources such as Norman Vincent Peale's Positive Thinking or The Little Book of Calm. Ms Schulze's main thesis seems to be avoid chemicals (of course, she means TOXIC chemicals, which means WESTERN chemicals) and think happy thoughts. Even if you want to believe these incredible ramblings, there's nothing coherent or interesting or new in this book.

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