Thursday, January 19, 2006

Equine Guided Human Development

Tired of all those newage touchy-feely psychic counsellors? Never seem to get anywhere? Not developing on your spiritual path fast enough? Chuck the charlatans - learn from the horses!

Using horses as 'counsellors' is a growing fad in the US, and is also making inroads into Australia.

Humanequinus is an outstanding example of this doublespeak nonsense.
Equine-guided human development is not about horsemanship; it's about relationship. It's about becoming even better at finding clear intent, being congruent inside and out, communicating what's true within, and learning to go toward uncomfortable and joyful feelings to find out the important messages contained therein.

EoR ins't quite sure what all that means, but how does it work?
We can’t explain horse’s multi-dimensional capacity for healing; regardless, we can still make the best of it. [...] Human Equinus is a program designed for putting horse and human together in a safe environment and allowing what comes up to come up. The experience begins fully in the body and moves to the mind and heart.

Multidimensional horses? EoR wonders where the published research on this is. Are they more multidimensional than dolphins?

There is more of this meaningless confusion of ideas:
Guided meditations and grounding are typically part of each session. [...] One might walk forward and backward on a line, a timeline, or stand on designated locations or spatial anchors on the floor. Everyone's experience is unique.

One might do the hokey-cokey, but at $US80 an hour, it's an expensive way to go out and pat a horse.

"You put your left leg in
You put your left leg out
You shake your chakras all about
And leave your wallet at the door
That's how you do the newage con."

EoR feels this idea can be extended, and is presently working on developing Bacteria Guided Human Development ("The experience begins fully in the body and moves to the hospital").

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  1. Its a long standing technique of horse training to stop, take three deep breaths, and watch as the horse responds. Incredible.

    Of course, if fear keeps you out of the ring....?


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