Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Woof! Woof! Bark! Neigh!

Didn't understand what the title of this post meant? Then you need the services of Animal Communicator Trisha McCagh. She claims to have been "Guest speaker at the Australian Veterinary Conference 2006". She's also supported by Australian Zoos, including the Perth Zoo. EoR imagines that they also accept and encourage her magical healing powers which utilise such scientific modalities as reiki, crystals and chakra balancing. Like many alternative practitioners, she doesn't sell her stuff. It's an 'investment'. She also now has a book out.

Believe it or not, animals are born knowing about the afterlife. They understand they’ll eventually be returning home, as I found out through King, a gallant white stallion.

His guardian, June, had been given King from a horse rescue centre. She was a woman with a big heart, who had already saved many horses from traumatic circumstances. Sadly though, she felt King’s condition was far beyond a recovery. June came to me for help because she wanted to be sure she was making the right decision about euthanasia for this noble beast.

Like me, June holds the strong view that euthanasia is the ultimate act of love and kindness; that we’re acting selflessly in giving what is best for another. King was extremely emaciated through neglect and was so tired. He knew at a very deep level his journey had come to an end, and he was actually looking forward to the freedom and joy that awaited. I was able to confirm with King that he was more than ready to leave this world.

When I gave this information to June, she then knew what she had to do: she called for the vet to assist him on his way. As King fell into his final sleep, June was amazed at how calm he was, as though he was effortlessly surrendering to his next journey into the realms. She said it was one of the most beautiful experiences she’d ever encountered.

When I contacted King shortly after his passing, he clearly conveyed that, as he left his body, he saw a waterfall of white light in front of him. As he walked through it, he grew the most magnificent white wings, took flight, and began to soar towards the heavens. He told me how wonderful it was to be light once again, and free of the burdens of illness and pain of the earth plane.

As King went beyond the clouds, he landed on a golden path, where his spirit horse mother was waiting for him, and they continued on together into the realms. And just think: it was June who took the action that allowed King to soar when he was ready to go. Without her generosity, his flight into the light would have been delayed.

Trisha McCagh: Stories from the Animal Whisperer: What your pet is thinking and trying to tell you (Allen and Unwin, 2010) pp231-232

Having browsed the book, EoR never fails to be amazed how literate and voluble animals are, conversing easily and freely in extensive English.

Woo: coming to a Zoo, near you.

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  1. If only dead humans were so literate. They don't seem to be able to say much more than "J-J-J" and hold up birthday cakes whilst pointing to their head or chest.


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