Sunday, July 11, 2010

Health Fascism Frolics

According to the Australian Antivaccination Network Meryl Dorey has received the decision of the NSW Health Complaints Commission investigation into her organisation, and it's bad news.

Yesterday Dorey received the final 30 page answer from the HCCC to the Skeptics complaint. This inevitably reiterated all the charges brought against and included many gems of Orwellian Newspeak, such as:

‘In Australia vaccination is a key plank of public health strategy. It is thus extremely important for individuals, especially parents, to be able to make informed decisions about vaccination. The AVN provides information that is misleading for the average reader by inaccurately representing information, selectively reporting information, and giving non-peer reviewed and anecdotal material the same authority as peer -reviewed literature’.

EoR fails to see how that's 'Orwellian'. It says the AVN presents biased, incomplete and misleading information. It seems simple and clear.

According to the AVN the NSW HCCC and anyone who vaguely agrees with its findings is "corrupt", using "bogus evidence", and "sinister". The hilarious article was written by Martin Walker (an 'investigative writer' and graphic designer who has to rely on to host his biography because Wikipedia is controlled by the sinister medical elite overlords).

(Martin Walker) is uniquely qualified to write this piece, having researched the origin of the ‘skeptic’ movement from its birth in the US 2 decades ago.

Yes. There was no skepticism before 1990. Not Harry Houdini. Not Edgar Allan Poe. None. Though this is typical of the AVN: lie early, and lie often.

Oh, and EoR cringes every time he sees that awful AVN logo. He keeps thinking it's a dead child being laid to rest in the weeds.


  1. Lateline covered the AVN-HCCC story tonight. I missed it but Podblack's got the video up (of course).

    Pity Steve Cannane didn't show Dorey's Illimunati blog post.


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