Monday, July 26, 2010

No Muslims In Parliament! Cast The Atheists Out!

EoR has tried to stay out of commenting on the political marketing Australia is currently being subject to (and will it ever rate better than Masterchef?) but he feels compelled to note the racist and outdated views of members of the Opposition.

David Parker, a Liberal Party candidate, has been sacked after a bizarre rant against Muslims (but he's not anti-Muslim, of course).

"I'm not anti-Muslim. I believe every one should have their own beliefs," he said.

"But I don't know if we want at this stage in Australian politics a Muslim in the Parliament and an atheist running the Government."


"I made a comment that I believe God is the only way to Heaven and we shouldn't have a Muslim candidate running in that area," he said.

"I don't believe that's exactly in line with what we believe as Australians."

Mr Barker says he is a Christian but is not against Muslims.

"I'm not attacking them on the basis of their faith, I'm attacking them on the basis of their ideology," he said.

"As far as I'm concerned every Muslim in Parliament is a step towards a Muslim Parliament, but I'm not against Muslims."

David Parker is not anti-Muslim, he's just doesn't think they should be in Parliament (because giving people an equal go is so Unaustralian). And it's not their faith he disagrees with (even though he seems to be under the strange delusion that there's only one — Christian — god) it's their 'ideology'. EoR doesn't know what he means be that subtle difference, but suspects it's some insinuation of taking over Australia and instituting a Caliphate. Remember: one (non-practicing) Muslim in Parliament and, before you know it, we'll have a Muslim Parliament! Stop the terror now! He has now been replaced as a candidate by the improbably named Venus Priest.

Meanwhile, over here in the West, sitting member Don Randall also believes religion is a crucial issue in this election.

The member for Canning says many people in his electorate and across the country do not like the fact Ms Gillard is an atheist.


"It's a criticism of the fact that the electorate has deep concerns about an un-godly leader leading Australia," he said.

Mr Randall says Australia was built on Christian values, which provide the basis for being a better leader.

"We expect out leaders to convey and portray good Christian values," he said.

EoR doesn't know which to fear more now: the Muslim Parliament, or the Ungodly Parliament. How on Earth could an ungodly leader be expected to lead Australia in the best interests of all without recourse to the mysterious advice of a (Christian) god?

Christian values which built this country. Like transportation.

Christian values which have served throughout two millenia to build a better society.

Christian values which have helped leaders to steer their country away from ungodly ways.

Christian values of tolerance and love.

Don Randall appears to be blissfully unaware of the place of religion in Australia:

Australia has no official state religion and people are free to practise any religion they choose, as long they obey the law. Australians are also free not to have a religion.

Australia is a predominantly Christian country, with around 64 per cent of all Australians identifying as Christians. However, most other major religious faiths are also practised, reflecting Australia’s culturally diverse society.

Religious freedom is safeguarded by section 116 of the Australian Constitution, which prohibits the federal government from making any law establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. Individuals are free to express a diversity of views, as long as they do not incite religious hatred.

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  1. That is so sad. To think that Australia has a moron as such in Parliament. Doesn't he get it. We are all one human being. How can we live and live in peace with each other when all wars and idealist are influence by their own ignorance and feeling that they are superior over another in race and beliefs. Are you following the ignorance of America.. just look at the demise of this Country that bases itself on Christianity. Learn from history and work towards one world of people that work towards acceptance.


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