Friday, July 23, 2010

Time To Move On Andrew

Thanks to Andrew Bolt, we now know that even New Scientist has admitted the Climategate reviews were a whitewash. We know this because he links to a New Scientist editorial.

In Bolt's dog whistle world, if the science isn't addressed by the reviews, then the science is disproven. Strangely, he fails to link to other New Scientist articles of recent time, such as:

Climate scientists respond to 'climategate' report (Bolt actually removed this link from the editorial he reposted - if he'd turned the page of the issue in which the editorial appears he would have found this article).

IT'S time to abandon the black-and-white fiction that human-induced climate change is fact or conspiracy. Instead, accept that the climate is changing and that there are shades of grey about how fast, how severe the impact will be and what we can do about it.

That's the message from leading scientists digesting the UK's official report into the "climategate" affair, in which private emails from the nation's Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Norwich were made public in November 2009.

Muir Russell, a former civil servant who spent seven months investigating the affair, concluded in his official report, released on 7 July, that "the rigour and honesty of the scientists involved are not in doubt". But he exhorted them to show more openness, to shed their "unhelpful and defensive" attitude when responding to requests to share their data and to make more effort to engage with climate sceptics who dispute their data and conclusions.


Questioning climate science is what good scientists do, (Brian) Hoskins (of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change) adds. "As for people with a political agenda, will the report silence them? No."

It's almost as if Brian Hoskins could psychically foresee the reaction of Andrew Bolt!

Climategate inquiry: no deceit, too little cooperation

Climate change report is 'reliable but flawed'

As always, Bolt enjoys cutting and pasting and then watching his commenters rant on. The first comment, from Andrew of Ipswich, is so wonderful that, thankfully, it saved EoR from having to read through the rest of them.

this is particularly surprising as New Scientist has been a bastion of warming for a few years now. To the point that I didn’t bother buying it as the articles just annoyed me

Because when you don't like science, you should just ignore it.

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