Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Magic of Germany

Well, now it seems it's Germany's turn to realise that homeopathy is bullshit. In the very country that brought us the genius of Samuel Hahnemann, this favourite form of magic seems to be falling out of favour. Der Spiegel reports that the Social Democrat Party is calling for the State to no longer fund homeopathic treatment (English summary here — EoR finds it amusing that it only takes two comments before Big Pharma is invoked, completely missing the point of who is calling for the support to be ended).

The print edition of Der Spiegel has a much longer article, but one thing struck EoR: the people who support homeopathy. Prince Charles. Karl Lagerfeld. And these attendees at the Homeopathic World Congress, Berlin 1937.

As if that's not scary enough, here's a picture of just how scientific the production of homeopathic remedies is. Just like Big Pharma. It's all modern and sciencey. Notice the sterile clothing. The white coat. The gleaming metal and plastic. Computer controlled equipment. Charts on the wall. And a leather cushion to beat your magic potion against.

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  1. Comment #2 is fascinating with its clear implication that if homeopathy is no longer supported then the (obviously corrupt) government shouldn't be trusted - but apparently it's okay to trust the (obviously incorruptible) government's current support for homeopathy.


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